See the New Clone Commander Cody Rules for Star Wars: Legion!

Commander Cody ExpansionAMG revealed the Clone Commander Cody cards and rules for Star Wars: Legion; here is the latest and where you can order him!

The LClone Commander Cody expansion has hit pre-order, so it’s good to know what she can do before you buy! First, check out the new expansion, then jump into the latest rules from AMG’s Transmission!

If you read this after April 21st, 2023, this expansion set should be fully released and available from your favorite store!  To order one for yourself, click here or the header below. 

Star Wars: Legion Clone Commander Cody Expansion: $34.99

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Commander Cody Expansion 2It’s always nice to get more models, especially now with all the rules updates; it’s fun to get new miniatures! Plus, if you love the Clone Wars, you may have no choice but to pick this one up! 

Commander Cody Expansion 3Here’s what they have to say about the new expansion:

One of the Galactic Republic’s most dependable Clone Commanders comes to Star Wars: Legion in this new Commander Expansion! As the commander of the 7th Sky Corps, CC-2224, known as “Cody,” has developed a distinguished reputation as a skilled strategist and fierce fighter. This pack brings him to the tabletop with his three signature Command Cards that invite players to shape their strategies to Cody’s strengths. Cody is joined by Clone Troopers Waxer and Boil of Ghost Company who can be added to Clone Trooper corps units as personnel upgrades. 

Clone Commander Cody Gets New Rules For Star Wars: Legion!

Clone Commander Cody Rules

Cody can be used as a Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic. He comes in at 105 points, with a respectable number of abilities and options. Cody is a capable melee fighter, reflected in his Advanced Combat Training. When attacking at range, his DC-15A Blaster Rifle gives him a respectable 2 red, 1 black, and 1 white attack dice, along with Impact 1 and Lethal 1. Able to command a battle at its most pivotal point, Observe 2, Take Cover 1, and Direct: Vehicle are all abilities that reflect his prowess as the commanding officer of the 7th Sky Corps. Finally, his combat experience and equipment give him access to Target 1 and Surge: Critical, Jump 1, and Red defense dice.

He has decent stats and some pretty good abilities. He doesn’t have the craziest card we’ve ever seen, but that makes sense compared to a Jedi!

Clone Commander Cody Rules 2

Bring it Down! allows Cody to perform his free actionslike Observe 2- up to two times. Then, when a friendly unit attacks an enemy with an observation token, that token can be spent to give the attack Suppressive if the enemy is a trooper unit, or Impact 1 if it’s a Vehicle unit, making this the perfect command card for removing pesky AATs or large formations of B1s. Known for his loyalty, Have I Ever Let You Down? gives Cody the ability to make an attack against any enemy that attacks a unit issued an order with this card. Combined Arms orders 2 troopers and 2 vehicles, and once again allows Clone Commander Cody to perform his free actions twice. Additionally, Vehicles may spend Observation tokens to give a nearby Clone Trooper a free speed-1 move—advancing your troops while providing them vital covering fire!

He has some cool cards and can buff up your clone troopers a ton. Then, being able to attack for free (more or less) when your own units get damaged is just really nice.

Lastly, Combined Arms is fantastic, as your vehicles get to lay down fire and have your troops advance under the covering fire!

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Do you like the new rules for Commander Cody in Star Wars: Legion? Will you be picking the miniature up?

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