Get $105 in Miniatures for Cheap With No Sub Required!

mystery box featuredFor a limited time, get $105 in miniatures for only $56 (almost 50% off) in our May Mystery Miniatures box with no subscription required!

That’s right, get $105 or more hobby products for only $56 in our May Mystery Miniatures box, with no subscription required!

The catch is we don’t have as many available this month to sell, so don’t wait on this one!

Spikey Bits Mystery Miniatures Box: $56.95

$55 a month gets you an $80 retail value mystery box of miniatures shipped to you the month you sign up.

However, right now, any mystery box purchased includes a FREE $25 miniature gift for a total value of $105!

Plus, we got a new lineup of contents for this month’s boxes that we think you will love!

mysteryEach Mystery Miniatures Box will contain at least $40 or more plastic miniature kit(s) from Games Workshop.

You’ll also get around another $40 or more in great miniature kits drawn from companies like Asmodee, Infinity, Privateer Press, Warlord Games, Mantic, 3D printed Sci-Fi / Fantasy miniatures, and other great boutique models as outlined below to make a whopping mystery box total of at least $80!

Plus, another free $25 miniature gift for a total of $105 in value in each box, which is almost like getting 50% off the retail price!

gw store wall - Copy

  • All the 3D printed Sci-Fi and Fantasy/RPG miniatures (suitable for games like Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar, etc.) are from the artists we partner with, like Ghamak, HeresyLab, PuppetsWar, Pop Goes The Monkey, Dark Age Designs, and Arma Mechantus to name just a few.
  • Blisters of conversion bits and/or resin models are sourced from companies like Kromlech, Puppets War, Liber Daemonica, Hardcore Miniatures, etc. Plus, each box may also contain resin bases, terrain, paints, brushes, etc., when it fits the theme of the month.

Each box is curated personally by Rob for every order month to month! Check the example box image in this listing for a better idea of how this may look!

Here are more types of kits and items we put in boxes from month to month:



minaiture-crate-and-drop-shots-mystery-box-5aTry it risk-free! The first Mystery Box purchased as part of a monthly subscription is eligible to be refunded when returned to us within 30 days in unopened condition.


Order your Mystery Box this month and get a free $25 hobby miniature gift for a total mystery box value of at least $105!

Don’t miss out on this incredible deal. These boxes have limited production numbers each month!

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