Painting Genestealer Cults: Col Festus Tutorial

Painting Genestealer CultsCol Festus is here, and this time he’s painting up some Genestealer Cults in a fast yet effective way in his latest painting tutorial!

Col Festus has some unique hobby content, and if you need some sweet painting tips, you should follow him to get up on all your painting and conversion techniques! He also paints up a ton of Makers Cult files, which are always fantastic, and you can score yours here!

This time, he shows how to paint up everyone’s favorite alien infiltrators. Let’s see how to do it!

Painting Genestealer Cults: Col Festus Tutorial

Painting Genestealer Cults 2He starts by hitting it with a gray primer. He uses STYNYLREZ, but any brand should work pretty well here. Just keep in mind he does use a few mixtures of paints in a couple of spots, so check those out below, as they are pretty crucial:

Special Sauce Black Wash Recipe

Paint List:

Now, let’s get into the true painting steps!

Step 1:

Painting Genestealer Cults 3Let’s start with some basecoats. He uses Medium Grey for the shoulder pads and armor. Then, for the flesh, he uses Warm Grey and Vallejo Metal Steel for all light metal areas.

The cloth he paints black with whatever paint you like the most. Then for all the dark metallic areas, he hits them with a mix of black and silver (in a 50/50 ratio). For the loin cloth and the gun bandage, he paints that with Light Orange and finally boxes out the one area of gold with Steel and Umber Ink.

Once dry, he covers the cloth with the secret sauce black mix.

Step 2:

Painting Genestealer Cults 4Next, he starts by hitting all the metallics with the Gravelord Grey. Then to highlight the orange, he applies the Fire Giant Orange. For the flesh, he begins with a wash of Crusader Skin and then does a quick matte varnish here to seal everything in.

To continue with the face, he blocks in the mouth and eyes with black, then does a couple of dots of white in the eyes and paints the teeth white. Then he blocks in the raised areas with Warm Grey to highlight the face.

Step 3:

Painting Genestealer Cults 5To start highlighting, he combines Warm Grey and white and hits the most raised areas, starting with the middle of the head.

He slowly adds more white to the mix and does progressive highlights. Next, he takes Old Rose and hits the bottom lip to define it. Then for a more alien vibe, he adds Quickshade Purple, does this in the recesses, and then does a few dots on the top of the head.

Next, he hits the darkest recesses with Dark Wood to add definition to the loincloth. He then comes back with the original orange color and does some light highlighting to bring out the details.

Step 4:

Painting Genestealer Cults 6Now it’s time to move on to the armor. First, he takes the Warm Grey and does some light edge highlighting and chipping on the armor here.

With the white done, he highlights all the silver with the Vallejo Steel and does some chipping as well. Anywhere he wants to have a glowing effect, he paints the area with white, then paints them with a light blue. For the black areas, he highlights them with Basalt Grey.

After that, he paints some red stripes on the shoulder pads and then chips them with white.

Step 5:

Painting Genestealer Cults 7The final thing to do is paint up the base! He starts with Basalt Grey and paints the entire base. He then drybrushes some Pale Grey over the majority of the base, and then when that’s dry, he paints the whole thing with the secret sauce from above.

To finish it off, he paints the rim of the base black and gives the whole thing a coat of varnish.

Finished Model

Painting Genestealer Cults 8There you have it, a great-looking model with all the steps broken down!

Be sure to check out the video below for all the tips!

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