Chaos Knights

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What are Chaos Knights in Warhammer 40k?

Chaos Knights are towering war machines corrupted by the powers of Chaos. These colossal war engines are piloted by Chaos-aligned warriors and serve as destructive instruments of chaos on the battlefield.

What is the Background & Lore of Chaos Knights?

Chaos Knights are followers of Chaos, having fallen from their noble origins as Imperial Knights. They have pledged their allegiance to the dark gods and now serve them with unyielding loyalty, seeking to spread destruction and chaos throughout the galaxy.

What Units & Factions are Available for Chaos Knights Players?

Chaos heretic Knights warhammer 40k codex download pdf revealed

Chaos Knights players have access to a variety of Knight chassis, such as the Knight Despoiler and Knight Rampager. They can also choose from various weapon load-outs and utilize Chaos-aligned stratagems, relics, and household traits to enhance their Knight’s performance.

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