More Eldar Rumors – Release Imminent?

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With all the crazy Eldar release rumors flying around today, we may have overlooked one BIG point that lends credibility to an imminent release.

I was doing a quote for a commission Monday night that contained Eldar Jetbikes, and when I went to Games Workshop’s site – low and behold the Eldar Guardian jet-bike is no longer available.


Breaking Update – Eagle eyed hobbyists have figured out more missing items (and new pages that Games Workshop has created), for what looks to indeed be an imminent release, after this post was written.

via Atia on Bolter and Chainsword

that makes:
– Codex Eldar: Craftworlds
– Codex Eldar: Craftworlds eBook
– plastic Autarch clampack
– Windriders Jetbikes / Shining Spears combo-box
– Datacards: Craftworlds
– web paint bundles for:
Biel-Tan, Ultwe, Saim-Hann, Iyanden and Alaitoc
– Windrider host web bundle

Traditionally in the past item(s) that would be seeing a re-release have been pulled from Games Workshop’s site a few months before their new street date, however in the last year or so that time table has shrunk to mere weeks.

Now remember that while some of the rumormongers out there may disagree about the timing and what sort of rules this release may see, they all seem to agree on the fact that jetbikes and some sort of plastic Aspect Warriors will be part of any new Eldar Release.

eldar jetbike new

Plus we know there is this ‘prototype’ Eldar jetbike design out there, that we’ve seen variants of for both the Dark Eldar and Harlequins already. Couple this with the fact that we know there are two sets of rules for the holofield, and I’d say it’s a very high possibility that we’ll be seeing something new for Eldar before summer!

Do you think these signs point to an Eldar release soon?

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