Did Games Workshop Finally Kill Off Slaanesh?

sister of slaanesh cultist

The writing may have been on the wall that Slaanesh’s days were numbered, and now it looks like Games Workshop may have just gotten rid of the Dark Prince in the new Age of Sigmar. Check THIS out.

rod of command

Behold the Slaanesh “Rod of Command” from Realms of Chaos (1988) Hmmm…

We’ve talked at length before about the very adult oriented Slaanesh and how the Lord of Depravity has been watered down by GW slowly and steadily over the decades from his 1980’s origin.  Even watered down, Slaanesh was going to be a real challenge for any product range designed for the audience Games Workshop is aiming Age of Sigmar at.  If you wonder who that is, note the age suggestion on the back of the Starter Set:


Yes, that is 12+  I’ll leave it to you to imagine the conversation between prospective parents buying copies of Age of Sigmar and GW redshirts about exactly what this “Dark Prince” is all about 🙂  I think merely covering up the boobs on the Daemonettes won’t cut it.

So as we were flipping through the background book in the boxed set we came upon this section describing Sigmar’s actions in the time between the destruction of the Old World and the current Age of Sigmar timeline.  Take a look at the section highlighted:


So, the design studio took the time to call out Slaanesh (and ONLY Slaanesh) for “imprisoned diety” treatment along the lines of Isha-Nurgle.  Then only two sentences later we hear about the “Dark Gods” mustering their forces and attacking without shedding a tear for their lost brother.  That line is the only mention of Slaanesh in the entire boxed set, and not a single Slaaneshi miniature is shown. Only Khorne and Nurgle models appear in photos.

It is quite possible that in the kid-friendly future of the Age of Sigmar, the “Dark Gods” may only number three.

Editors note: New week’s White Dwarf teaser is; The chaos rules … but where is the dark prince ?

Checkout the full story of Why GW NEEDS to Kill Slaanesh, from earlier in the year.

Everyone could see the writing on the wall, and really it was only a matter or time.  I for one wouldn’t be holding my breath for new Slaanesh miniatures for Age of Sigmar anytime soon.

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  • Steven Morrow

    Lol Khorne is pleased

  • Robert Ferenchik

    Ugh, my wife is not going to be happy about this… its totally going to screw her Tzeench/Slaanesh combo up.

    • Hannoveraner

      …dont let GW decide what you play. I dont unse 100% GW stuff for my miniatures. Why should you quit playing slaanesh only because its from another time frame (before end times)?

  • Bhazakhain

    Good news for the Eldar!

  • Lloyd Barrett

    They’re going to replace it with a new faction, the “social justice warriors” who use political correctness swords to enact their master plan of ruining everyone’s fun. Time to make my bdsm themed dark eldar just to annoy them.

    • AllTzeentchy

      I believe most “social justice warriors” who embrace political correctness aren’t as prudish about nudity as those that usually oppose their actions.

  • Mayegelt

    Just because Lord Tyrion has led a bunch of people to capture the new flat Slaanesh, doesn’t mean he has captured Slaanesh… It may just be saying that that is what Tyrion is currently in the process of trying to do.
    I could have a quest to find the holy grail, that doesn’t mean I have found the holy grail.

  • Hannoveraner

    I would actually like if the Chaos Phanton would be dynamic not static. A Chaos good could rise in power and be place 4 instead of Slaanesh (which was/is the weakest of the 4 great gods).

    Chaos overrun the most realms? Did that lead to the rise a Chaos god of slowly administration?

  • Melody Corrie

    So much for my Emperor’s Children Army. Douche bags. And before you tell me “Hey Bra, it’s only AoS”, you know this is coming soon to a 40K near you.

  • Morathislaan

    no i think slaanesh will be back with some dark elven element or re invented almost like the way the spider queen Lolth from D&D removed her entire realm out of the chaotic gods area and made a bigger and more powerfull realm of her own. one she does not need to share with the other 3 powers. in the story Lolth was missing from her realm and they thought she was dead because her clerics lost their power for a while, but she was just being reborn to a more powerful godess, i think Slaanesh is and has always been the most powerful chaos god since she has been influencing even the other chaos gods themselves, if youve read as many books from the Warhammer and Warhammer40k as i have you can see Slaanesh influence everywhere, besides you guys dont think we have seen the last of Morathi after being nabed in to the abyss by Slaanesh hahahahah!

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