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Cosplay fabricator Hex Mortis has the goods when it comes to Astartes wares! Come see their Power Armor hotness!

From one offs to LEDS, they got you covered.

space marine cosplay

Checkout that attention to detail!

Key features of the Power Armor helm:

  • Auto-senses: Contained in the helmet, these systems include thought-activated communication arrays and audio filters, targeting reticules and range finders, tactical displays and auspex-links, and a host of other features.
  • Photolenses: Protect the Space Marine from light bursts and allow him to see in the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum’s as well as enable vision in low-light conditions.
  • Respirator Vox Grill: This thought-activated device amplifies a Marine’s battlecry to deafening volumes and contains a respirator to filter out toxins and draw upon an internal oxygen supply.
  • Life Signs Monitor: Regulate a suite of life support functions, including an injection system that can regulate painkillers, anti-toxins, and combat stimulants.

Hex Mortis’ Page

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