Prices REVEALED – Celestant Prime, Airbrush Paint & a Teaser

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lord celestant prime

The White Dwarf is leaking like a sieve at this point. Here’s how much those new Citadel paints, and the mighty new Celestant will cost!

If you’re a hobbyist or collector alike, this week bodes well for releases for both on an off the table.

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Stormcast Eternal Celestant-Prime $80

Citadel Air $4.25 a pot

And the teaser…

unnamed (80)

Now we heard about this teaser on Friday, but when you see it in print it’s even more puzzling. I imagine now we’re talking about 40k, AND perhaps some sort of Titan maybe, as those seem to be the only things that get shields for the most part? Is the “death from the skies” hint the new Stomcast Prosecutors or something 40k?
What’s the new tome of battle part about though? I feel like we know the Horus Heresy starter wont really come with a set of rules per ce, so are we talking a new AoS book here, or perhaps a switch back to 40k releases with a new codex?
Here’s the rumored September schedule of releases that we’ve gleaned from all the talk about what may be coming over the next 3 months for Games Workshop. Based on this, what do you think the teaser may mean?

September – Tau – Warhammer 40,000 is said to return before the end of the month and the Tau Empire is getting a new release.  Products mentioned are: Codex, New Battlesuit box, a single clampack.  There are conflicting reports of either a 1 week “Grey Knight” release, or a longer 2-week release window.

October – Plastic Horus Heresy

Whatever it is September looks to be heating up hobby wise, just as everything else is staring to cool down!

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