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By Rob Baer | March 23rd, 2016 | Categories: Rules Conundrums, Top 10, Warhammer 40k

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Hey GW, we’ve been writing these for years! Come see our list of what may be the top 10 things that need an FAQ for Warhammer 40k!

First off kudos to Games Workshop for asking for player input on rules questions I.E. FAQs.  It really shows to a lot of folks there is something going on at HQ that may be for the better!

So GW here’s our list of the top 10 rules that could really use an FAQ to explain how they should / were intended to work!

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This article is rated: Do Not Try This On The Tabletop

We not to advocate any of these antics we talk about in here, it’s to educate folks as to what”that f-ing guy” can do, and thusly something you may see on the tabletop.


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10. Can You Really Get +4 To Seize the Initiative With Daemons?

There may be a bit of a problem with the way the wording works with the Tetrad formation and the Warlord trait benefit.

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9. The Secret To Making Khorne Daemonkin Work?

It would be nice to see clearer wording on how the KDK summoning Daemon mechanic is supposed to work via blood points. Honestly just some general clarifications to the “start of the turn” and “beginning of movement phase” would help out a lot of rules queries in general I feel like.

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8. Did GW Just Break Tau on Accident? -There’s a pretty clear way this was probably intented to work, but us competivie Americans may have messed it up for the rest of the world. How the heck should the Combined Firepower rule work anyhow?


7. The Genestealer Ally Question -CAN the new Genestealer cult ally with Tyranids?


6. GW Says: Choose Your Own 40k Rules! –Which version, or both of the new Iron Priest can we field in our Space Wolves Armies. Conversely what about the two versions of Be’lakor or Cypher. What is legal for play?

5. Can Buildings Scout? – RAW it appears they can, however some players are crying FOUL! The ITC says no to walking buildings, but what is the answer from Nottingham?

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4. Who’s Denying the Witch? – There is some loose wording when it comes to Denying the Witch (depending on how you read it), and when the Eldar dropped some players got pretty excited about the perceived loop hole. Problem is this same reasoning makes Kharn the Betrayer ungodly powerful. I think overall this conundrum is more trouble than it’s worth, but it would good to put his one to rest none the less.

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3.  Summon THIS! – It’s possible that either Black Library’s digital arm juxtaposed something wrong, OR they know something the GW studio doesn’t. Either way there is a discrepancy between the digital and paper version as to weather Space Marines have access to Daemonology: Malefic.


2. Death from Above – The new Skyhammer formation is a great tool for Space Marine players. Problem is everyone seems to want to add characters to the formation to benefit from assaulting after deep striking.  This technically may fall under the Independent Character special rule wording BUT there is a huge flow chart to follow to even attempt to resolve the enigma. 

1+ iron hands space marines

1. Feeling Froggy – The Iron Hands can rock an impressive 1+ Feel No Pain roll either by chance, or by design with psychic powers etc. Does a 1+ roll have a place in this game? Seems like the only way you’d be able to kill that chapter master is via a stomp, or a failed look out sir to D. Problem is you can have whole squads with similar “saves” as well…

Well there you have it folks, our list of the top 10 things that could definitely use a FAQ in Warhammer 40k. What are your thoughts on these questions OR did we miss any hotly contested topics around the table top in our list?

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