Space Marines Finally Get Their FAQ!

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Space Marine w/ Heavy Bolter

It’s HUGE! The new Space Marine FAQ is coming in hot today as GW continues it’s once a week trend of releasing a new draft FAQ each Wednesday.

If these are what the final draft will be for the new Space Marine FAQ it looks like a lot of players out there will have to re-think a TON of lists including Super Friends.

Source: Games Workshop (Facebook)

Hello everyone,
It’s FAQ draft time once more, and it’s a big one this week – Codex: Space Marines.

Now it’s over to you guys. Here’s what you need to do:
– Read through these draft FAQs
– If you think any answers need clarification, post up a comment on the relevant image
– Make sure your question is concisely written, and in plain English
Do the answers all make sense? Are they clear? Do they throw up any more potential issues?
(We’re looking primarily for whether you understand them, rather than if you like the answer.)
You have a week to get your comments in, then we’ll pass them on to the rules guys for the final FAQs.

We’ll be posting more FAQ drafts for feedback over the new few weeks, so if you’re eagerly awaiting the one for your codex, don’t worry, we’re on it.
Finally, we wanted to say thanks again to all of you who sent in our questions, to help make this game we all love even better.

New Space Marine FAQ: 12 Pages

2106 7th edition Space Marine FAQ


Checkout the full TWELVE PAGES here.

Overall there is some interesting rulings, as you would expect with a 12 page FAQ for the same book right? I liked the Graviton clarifications for sure, but the PoTM, Apothecary, and supplement clarity is great too.



Librarius got the final nerf as you can for sure only cast with ONE psyker when channeling, but they get BOTH sides of the Daemonic discipline now for sure (hence the new FW exclusive figure).

Some BIG changes too for Hit and Running super friend death stars as well as all Space Marine death stars for that matter now that EVERY Marine’s codex keeps chapter tactics from working when units are intermingled.

Personally I’m not sure I like the closed door Drop Pod rule, as that can lead to serious tabletop shenanigans on the competitive side as dropping LOS blocking terrain on the fly can be a huge advantage in game.

dante closeup

Skyhammer was also clarified to not allow other Marine book’s access to it (Dante is furious), and also made the ruling on what happens when you join IC’s to it as well.

Lots to see in this one. What do YOU think of Marines now?

Go To The Space Marine FAQ Roundup 

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