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More FREE miniatures? Come see the latest on what may be coming for FREE in the first issue of the new Monthly White Dwarf Magazine from GW!

Source TGA (highlights from the thread)

Just gotten off the phone with my rep, not much AoS to report on but i did get some information about the new White Dwarf launching in september. As you probably all know it’s going back to monthly publication BUT the release schedule is remaining a weekly one. New releases will be announced first via social media, White Dwarf itself will be looking back on the past months releases, talking about the hobby etc. The goal is to move it away from just being an advertisement, and instead a must buy for hobbyists again.

I also found out what the free gift with the first issue is. Alas i cannot say, i’ve been sworn to secrecy. I can confirm though that it’s a miniature, and it will be for AoS. If you were to look at items priced £18, you’d get a clearer idea of what to expect.


Its gotta be the AOS version of Grombrindal, the White Dwarf.


Yup. A steampunk Grombindal would be amazing. I was considering the subscription anyway, but hearing that it would be an Aos mini pushed me over the edge.


From how my rep described the new format, it’s still possible that Kharn and Deathwatch will be out in september. WD will apparently be discussing the previous months releases. I’ll also clarify that i haven’t been told the exact contents, only that the first issue will come with a miniature and will have rules for existing games.

Notice Game(s) Plural, and £18 is the price of a normal clampack miniature!


Deathwatch Release & The Next Six Months of Releases RUMORS

(Via BoLS) First issue of the monthly magazine covers the following releases:

  • Chaos Space Marine Campaign book with new CSM rules.
  • New Kharn the Betrayer.
  • Codex Deathwatch.
  • New Deathwatch Flyer Model
  • New Deathwatch Brother Artemis Model.

Here’s the new revised Roadmap list of new releases that are on the rumor radar now with items bolded that are confirmed:


age of sigmar logo

Specialist Games

  • New LoTR Reboot with Iron Dwarves
  • Blood Bowl (2017)
  • Adeptus Titanicus

So lots of clue here folks but nothing concrete quite yet… Magic GW 8 Ball says ask again later!
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GW Release Roadmap: The Next 6 Months?

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