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Today, we’re releasing the hounds and looking at oldie but a goodie, the storm hound walker, in today’s hobby showcase showdown!

Welcome back hobby maniac’s, we’re doing a bit of flashback slash hobby showcase to get us not only some nostalgia but also some hobby juice flowing.

This little guy,  I cal  him the Storm Hound Walker, was made about 5 years ago when the Storm Talon First came out. I was looking at the Storm Talon and thinking about the neat things I could make with the model; This is back when Games Workshop released black boxes to the stores and let us figure out how to make them; and of course how to pitch them to people to add to their  own armies. When I first assembled this little guy I got a lot of positive feedback but I never really put him into play because I didn’t have much of a use for him.

Storm Hound

When the knight titans came out I said, “oh hey, I could use this as a counts as titan!” but I never did that either.

That being said, its probably a bit too small to be used as a Forge World knight titan but with more converting, to make it WYSIWYG, he’s about the right height to be used as a plastic knight titan. Of course it needs a bigger base.

Storm Hound

So, what’s this thing made out of?

  • Storm talon Fuselage
  • Whirlwind Missile systems
  • Defiler Front arms
  • Dreadknight feet, and the incinerator weapon mount and some plastic card which I used for the hip joint if you will.
  • And of course plastic card and plastic putty.

The key was inverting the arms, so that the shoulder joints are the ankle joints. I used a leather punch to add some rivets and removed the spikey bits off the armor plating. I left the jets because I felt that most walkers need a bit of helping moving around; they’re giant slabs of armor plating. Plus I think it looks good.

Storm Hound

Storm Hound

Storm Hound

The telescoping tubing set was really critical to getting this thing together right. All in all it’s just a lot of basic hobby skills that I think anyone can do. Price wise, I would say this project will run you about 110-120 in parts off eBay, less if you have friends that you can give you some good deals on the parts.



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