Horus Heresy Book 7 INFERNO Coming in December?

By Rob Baer | November 21st, 2016 | Categories: News / Rumors

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The newest White Dwarf just dropped a bomb in one of it’s feature pages about the release date of Book VII: Inferno from Forge World!

Scanner sent in this image from the newest White Dwarf and if you had written off the release of Book VII unitl 2017, you may want to reconsider:


This Month Sees the release of .. Horus Heresy Book VII: Inferno!

Looks like the Rout is assembling in both games of 30k and 40k this holiday season, as winter and ruin is coming to tabletops everywhere… soon?

Inferno News From 40k Open November 6th:

Grab your salt shakers, there’s word today out of England on all the hot hobby topics you want to know:


Source: Kylo Rylanus

Howdy Guys and Girls 🙂

Some more news from the Open Day:

– No other Sisters of Silence have been worked on yet. They wanted to see how popular the first set were.

– Resin upgrades for the plastic Custodes will get done, similiar to the Secutarii ones. Also more vehicles.
– The Custodes will get an army list equivalent to the Solar Auxilia.
– Talons of the Emperor armylist. You will be able to do a pure Sister list or pure Custodes list or mix.
– Custodes are older than Thunder Warriors. Info about their creation is heavily guarded by the Emperor. No packers.
– Jenetia Krole, Valdor and Ahriman will get rules in Inferno!
– Thousand Sons will have scalable psychic powers.
horus heresy walpaper
– Inferno is biggest book yet by 8 pages.
Inferno should be ready for pre-release February the 4th!
– Next Black Book will feature Blood Angels and Dark Angels.
– Daemon Magnus seems to have an alternate head and a sword option!
– “Squats are NEVER being done. Ever. You will see fishman in space before Squats. And there is no love for fishmans in space :(“
custodes tank mastodon
Exclusive pic from J Martin
Some cool information there to digest, as think a lot of fans will love to see a full Custodes army for sure. Plus as we saw in the pictures from over the weekend they have another vehicle on the way in some regard for sure, plus that fresh contemptor.
It would be nice to see them jump back and drop Sanguinius and The Lion as well next for 2017 if these rumors pan out. From here it looks like it’s up to Mangus and his Thousand Sons to hold our interest until INFERNO drops in Q1 of next year.

Question is now, how much will he cost? Get your ready to summon your wallet to the register this holiday season for sure!


Warhammer 40k Open

All as planned!

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