Beastclaw Raiders Vs Chaos Skaven AoS: Battle Report

By Guest Author | June 21st, 2017 | Categories: Battle Reports, Long War TV, Videos, Warhammer 40k

Skaven walpaper

Welcome back Hobby Maniacs!  Today Rob and Juice have a very special Age of Sigmar battle report featuring both our legends of the hobby!

Today Juice and Rob are throwing down against each other in the next of our Long War Age of Sigmar battle reports. This time Rob’s Beastclaw Fatties are duking it out against Juice’s Skaven Horde!

Rob's Face

Rob’s Beastclaw Raiders are bringing the pain with as few models as he can for his Earlbad formation!  Leading the charge are three Stone-Horns each with a unique set of buffs helping out his army.  Center most is the ever fearsome Frost Lord!

Ogor Glamour

Squeek Headtaker is running the show in this Skaven horde, centered around a 30 man unit of Stormvermin backed up with a Hellpit abomination and a Screaming bell.

Skaven Glamour

Setting up each force centers itself  for the Take and Hold mission, Juice rolls up his bonus for being a few points less than Rob and things get started!


Check out the entire battle report in the link below to find out who will triumph!

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