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Checkout these ideas for what we may see soon in the new Death Guard codex from the images in September’s White Dwarf!

One lucky hobbyist got his White Dwarf early and shared  Warhams-77 from Dakka has a Imgur album up with all the juicy pics from September’s issue.

Coming in September are the dual releases of the Ad Mech and Death Guard codex books for $40 each with collector versions for $80 each.

For the Death Guard releasing Sept 16th:

  • Death Guard Datacards: $15
  • Death Guard Dice: $20 
  • Death Guard Plague Brethren $40 (web exclusive)
  • Mortarion $140
  • Codex & Collector Editions $40/$80

nurgleDon’t miss the showcase of all great looking detail on the new Death Guard release models here.

Now let’s dig into what the previews showed us about the book itself:  The book and datacard listings gave us the following:

death guard codex pdf image download death guard codex pdf image download

So it looks like the book will have 33 units, with 17 stratagems, and 7 psychic powers.

Looks like Miasma is indeed porting over from the the Index and codex, along with what we can assume to be Gift and Plaguewind as well as the universal Smite power. I can’t wait to see what Blades of Putrefaction does.

death guard 8th hor chaos

Unit wise we *could* be seeing the following:

Seven new characters including the mentioned three: Blightspawn, Biologus Putrifier, and Mortarion for sure however we know there is already the three new models from Dark Imperium as well presently, which may or may not go against this number.

We know there is probably two different types of tanks, and perhaps two new terminators units as well based on the scaling of the teaser pics that we have seen.

Perhaps we will see some of the normal Chaos units ported over from codex CSM for use with <Legion > Death Guard. Things like Predators, Rhinos, Renegade squads etc.

There could also be perhaps be a few of the Nurgle Deamons form Index Chaos as well for use with dark ritual summoning to round out the 33 datasheets in this book.

Death Guard Army Shot

Now let’s take a look at what may be upcoming release wise based on what we know from the Primaris release, as well as these teaser pictures:

  • Typhus (Clampack Special Character)
  • Deathshourd Terminators (box of 3 comparable to Inceptors, or Aggressors?)
  • Grave Warden Terminators?
  • Death Guard Multipart kit 10 man?
  • Death Guard Multipart kit 5 man?
  • Plague Tank
  • Foetid Drone Multipart kit

Looks like September 16th is the magical day for Death Guard fans. But this is only wave one! What do you think the following weeks have in store for the XIV legion release wise from the list of possible new units we have seen in the teaser pictures thus far?


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