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We’re finally getting a look at the Captain from the Japanese Space Marine Heroes collection. Come take a look at the amazing new model!

The new Brother Captain Tassarius was spotted on the Japan GW Store and is now available! Let’s see what they had to say about the new addition to the Space Marine Heroes collection.

Note: The following description was translated from Japanese by Google Translate.

Brother Captain Tassarius 3,000 yen

Brother Captain Tassarius

Anaton Tassarius, the captain of the famous Ultramarine fighting team, is an excellent commander and at the same time an unparalleled swordsmen. It was only a part of his great achievement to slay barbado colossas with one blaze of power sword at Hexagrad and to bloody Varad’s blood and tyrant by a blow by a plasma pistol. Tassarius, who conducts at the forefront, can be said to be a hero who embodies the tradition inherited from the ancient to the planet McLag.

Brother Captain Tassarius

This push-fit · plastiniature is very elaborate and reproduces <Brother Captain · Tassarius> with feeling of participating in battle. He is equipped with a power sword and a plasma pistol and is in a position to bring out a heroic atmosphere and is staring at chaotic flocks that have committed folly against him by a severe expression. His armor has brilliant detail suitable for Ultramarine’s chapters captain, cloak is worn with fasteners on its shoulder, Iron halo in backpack, belt buckle, left Knit guard, right shoulder armor is equipped with <Imperial Moon Glass>. Tassarius can be assembled with a helmet equipped in addition to the real face.

Brother Captain Tassarius

This miniature is a push fit kit molded with 7 pieces of blue plastic. This can be stripped from the frame without using a nipper and no glue is needed to assemble it. Also included is a decal sheet containing enough fighting teams (chapters) and chapter titles for the entire Space Marine Heroes collection. It comes with a 32 mm round plastic base reproducing the terrain. In the collector card, the story of Brother Captain Tassarius is listed in the table, while the other is the ability value of Fire, Power, Combat, Armor, Speed, Brave and Tactics.

The new Brother Captain Tassarius mini looks like a true leader of the Ultramarines. We’re also getting a great look at him in a how to build tutorial video starring everyone’s favorite Duncan.

For now the Space Marine Heroes line is only available in Japan, and we have not heard anything about them being released anywhere else. Here’s to hoping though…

The twelve new Space Marines were first spotted in March, and started making there way into stores back in May. Now it looks like they’ll also be available online for Japan shoppers. We have more information and some spectacular new miniature shots of them via GoodSmile

Product Details

Product Name
Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Heroes Series #1
Warhammer 40,000
Games Workshop
Plastic Models
¥694 Each (Before Tax)  694 JPY = $6.23 USD
Release Date
PS assemblable plastic model kit. Not to scale. Base included. Each approximately 45mm in height when built. Total of 12 to collect including 2 secret models. Box-set contains 24 models.
Released by
Max Factory
Distributed by
Good Smile Company
  • Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Heroes Series #1

12 Space Marine Japan

Release Date: 2017/09

A new series of plastic models that require no nippers or adhesive; exclusive to Japan!

Games Workshop’s popular “Warhammer” miniatures released as a special Japan exclusive version! The models feature an all new design and completely new sculpt for a unique plastic model made in the UK and brought to you by Max Factory.

Space Marine Japan

  • The palm-sized runners have intricately sculpted parts that feature partitions and details never before seen on plastic models.
  • There are a total of twelve models to collect including two secret models. Each is in a sealed box, so you will only know which character is it after opening. Collect them all to complete your army of Space Marines!
  • Each figure costs just 750JPY making it easily accessible to new players. Purchasing a complete box will of course include all varieties.

Space Marine Japan

  • The blue mold color brings out an impressive look event without paint, but adding paint makes for an even more amazing appearance.
  • The Space Marine Heroes are of course great just to collect and display, but they can also be used in the Warhammer 40,000 miniatures game.
  • The models are packed with detail and all the partitions differ in fantastic ways, making each model an exciting build for anyone!
  • Warhammer is one of the most well known miniature games worldwide, and now can be enjoyed in the same amazing detail even by plastic model fans!

Space Marine Japan

*This product will be on sale prior to release at Wonder Festival 2017 (Summer) taking place on the 30th July 2017.

They’re now available for the general Japanese public and cost around $6.50 US. It is unclear however if they are importable to the US or if Games Workshop intends on expanding on their availability to outer countries.

Warhammer Harajuku posted a couple pictures of their display, let’s take a look.

Space Marines 12 Heroes Collect

12 Space Marine Heroes

If those bases are 32mm like the current Tactical kit, do you think these marines are significantly taller and wider than their multi-part kit counterparts pictured below?

space marines tactical sq

Current Space Marine Tactical Squad

12 Space Marine Heroes 12 Space Marine Heroes

Is that a rocket leaving the barrel of the rocket launcher? We’re also seeing the blue plastic again, is Games Workshop doing away with their normal grey, or is this the case of the Vedros “starter push-fit” marines?

But what about the rest of the world? Are these going to be available anywhere else in the future? Be sure to check back in with us for the latest updates.

What do you think about these new Space Marine Heroes? Should they be available everywhere instead of being dedicated to just one region? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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