GW Previews New Tyranids Hive Fleet Adaptations

By James Rodriguez | November 1st, 2017 | Categories: News / Rumors, Tyranids, Warhammer 40k

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We got a new preview yesterday from Games Workshop, with a look at brand new Hive Fleet Adaptations for the upcoming Tyranids Codex.
Games Workshop is previewing the Tyranids all week, and from the looks of it there’s some big, big changes incoming. Let’s take a look at the new Hive Fleet Adaptations and compare them to the codex rumors we saw earlier this week.


8th Edition Tyranids Hive Fleet Adaptations Rules


Rumor: reroll failed charges

Hyper-Aggression is going to allow Behemoths to re-roll failed charge rolls, which is exactly what we saw with the rumor.


Rumor: can charge after falling back

Questing Tendrils allows units with this adaptation to roll three dice instead of one, pick the highest, and add that to the Move characteristic of all models in the unit for the Movement phase. Additionally, as stated in the rumor, these units can Fall Back and charge in the same turn.


Rumor: looks to be the same as salamander tactic but i’m not 100% sure

Synaptic Imperative allows units within 6″ of a friendly Synapse unit roll a dice each time they lose a wound, if they’re not currently affected by the Catalyst psychic power, and on a 6 the wound is ignored.


Rumor: reroll 1s to hit for fight phase

Adaptive Toxins lets units with this adaptation re-roll wound rolls of 1’s in the Fight phase. Once again, the rumor was spot on.


Rumor: always have cover bonus (i’m not sure if i read this right)

Tunnel Networks units always have the benefit of cover for the purpose of shooting attacks. But the unit loses this adaptation if it Advances or charges, until your next Movement phase.


Rumor: reroll misses against units with less models during fight phase

Swarming instincts allows units re-roll hit rolls in the Fight phase when the Fight phase against target units with fewer models.


Rumor: reroll 1s to hit for shooting, IF the unit doesn’t move

Stand still a little longer and re-roll hit rolls of 1 for units with Bio-Barrage in your shooting phase if it didn’t move in the preceding Movement phase.

The rumors we saw with all of these rules were almost perfect. There were a couple things that weren’t in the rumor that were in the actual wording of the rules, but not enough to discredit the source.

The Tyranids are looking like they’re really going to be a fast, strong, and deadly force to see on the tabletop.

These are some big changes on the way for Tyranid players. What are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to the changes? Or do you think the requirements for Instinctive Behavior have become a little much? Let us know in the comments below.

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