RUMORS: 40k Xenos Codexes On The Way Soon

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There’s a new rumor floating around that seems to hint at new Xenos releases for Warhammer 40k and more. Who’s getting what? Can it be trusted?

The latest rumor was spotted over on Advanced Tau Tactica. User Haechi actually put these rumors out back in November, and so far he’s been accurate. But, no matter what, this is a rumor, don’t forget to add salt! Let’s see what he had to say.


Alright, I went back to see my “source” friend and asked for details. Here’s what I “know” now (yes I did report wrong things, I should take written notes, sorry lol) : Early and throughout January is double Daemons release, for both 40k and AoS. End of January is Custodes, which could be a longer release than usual as well because it has new entries in the codex (four as far as I know). February is unknown, but some of it will still be Custodes. Early or mid March is still T’au, and the end of the month Necrons. Then April and May are split between Harlequins, Drukharii, and the two new Aelves armies for Aos.

So Haechi actually told us about the Custodes releases over a month ago before anyone else knew. Could the rest of this rumor hold some truth to it? We’re already seeing new Daemons releases for 40k and AoS, and Custodes have been announced and are on their way.

As for February he added this little bit of info on January 6th:

Haechi Rumor

He’s claiming the next releases, after custodes, will be Thousand Sons (which we also know are on the way) at the middle to end of February,  T’au around the middle of March, Necrons at the end of March, and April/May will be split between Harlequins, Drukharii, and two new Aelves armies for Age of Sigmar. But, again  this is just a rumor, don’t forget the salt.

Speaking of rumors… There’s another one that just popped up, but we recommend heavy salt with this one. It was found in the comments section on Miniwars.

Feb Jun Rumors

This rumor differs a little bit from the Haechi rumor above, but it also goes out to June, showing that the Orks will be getting a codex as well. But, there was no source on where this image came from, and we haven’t been able to track it down, so take it as you will.

necron charcters war hor

But how does this compare to the Top 5 codices we wanted to see next? Let’s take a look.

More Expansions, Triumvirates, or splash releases and MKII updates for books? Sky is the limit, and we all know by now it’s only crazy in GW’s eyes if it doesn’t sell right?

11 Factions Chapter Approved11 down, 11 to go according to Chapter Approved

Well, here’s what we would like to see for the next five codex releases in their order of publication:


tau fire warrior hor wal

Tau got the shaft pretty hard so far in 8th, but they have a ton of potential to be awesome again. They are already strong at the infiltrate game, and thus their fusions make a mess of anything they point at currently, they just need a little tweaking to get them back in the game and on tabletops everywhere.


knight wal hor

The coolest looking model out there besides the Dreadnought, we’ve traditionally see GW update these bad boys in the Spring. Currently were waiting on the non Mechanicum house rules for these guys like Terryn, Freeblades, etc.

Maybe we’ll even see the renegade rules get bundled up in a new book for them as well.


ork bike

Oh come on how the heck did we forget about the good guys of the Galaxy, har har har. According to their fluff the Orks never lose even!

Their rules update in Chapter Approved helped, but we’re a ways from seeing them in large number on the competitive scene yet. We know there are tons of Ork fanatics out there, just waiting for the 8th Edition Waaagh! call to starting pounding ‘omies again!

These guys even have the potential to by played a number of ways from Green Tide infantry, to Kan /Armor wall, and even faster moving bikes / Koptas spam. Again they just need a few tweaks to crank them up to an 11 and beyond.


Necron Wal Hor

Necrons are great in this edition sure, but again just a few more tweaks like some overlapping rules for things besides Infantry and I think we’ll see them come back in droves. Don’t over look the Forge World tech for them either, those pylons make things go boom quick!


harlequin eldar hor wal

These guys have had an up and down ride when it comes to the Ynnari update, but they are still viable with their allies. A book that gives them the rules they need to wave off those other pointy eared friends may just be what the beats lab ordered for this faction.  Getting in fast, but with enough left to do some damage has always been their hallmark, however the enough left part is what they are lacking currently as a stand alone force.

What do you think about the latest rumor and our Top 5 choices for codices? Do you think the latest rumor is believable? Let us know in the comments below.

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