Should We Really Be This Upset Over Xenos?

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Xenos fans seem to be getting a little anxious lately, wondering when they’re next. Come find out one of our writers thoughts on the matter.

Alright Xenos fans, this one is for you!

I completely understand why Xenos players would be getting a little anxious, they’ve seen teasers for a while now but no releases, let alone a codex. And when was the last time they actually got model updates? It’s been years since the Orks, Tyranids, Necrons and Dark Eldar got updated models on the whole. Would you be happy if it was your army that sat there on your shelf with the exact same models for four years, with few and far between options to change it up a bit?


This teaser from the September White Dwarf hinted that Hruds and Demiurgs could possibly be seeing the light of day, and maybe even Ambull. But that was over four months ago, and there hasn’t been any other teasers or speak of Xenos since then.

Even though I completely understand where Xenos players are coming from, with all this build up of “Year of the Xenos” and such, it’s January, not December 2018. Take a step back, breathe, and let that sink in for second.

Look I’m sorry the latest Custodes teaser was extremely convoluted with a space theme and many of you thought it meant Xenos was on the way.  I know I did. Heck I didn’t get it was going to be Custodes till Robbie B said, nah that’s Custodes, all they do is watch.

Custodes Teaser

8th edition came out just six months ago, and of course there wasn’t any Xenos for that. It was all based on Primaris and Death Guard. Games Workshop is listening to the community and what we want, but they can’t just drop everything at once to make everyone happy.

Honestly we know Marine just sell better, and GW is a business that, is in business to make money. So it sorta makes sense they triple dipped on a new type of Marine, and two marine factions to kick off the release of 8th Edition. Then went with what is arguably the most popular of the Xeno factions for their update to 8th: Eldar, and then Tyranids.

I mean look at what their stock is doing right?

Dark Imperium marine chaos hor

June 17th marks the one year mark that 8th edition was released, and it’s my prediction that we will see Xenos releases before then, with more to come. We’ve already seen rumors that T’au has a codex coming around the middle of March, Necrons at the end of March, Harlequins in May, and Orks in June. Now that’s a whole lot of Xenos in the next couple of months, but we’ll soon find out just how true that rumor is.

So are Xenos players going to finally get some love? I honestly think it’s going to be sooner rather than later, but if I had been waiting for all those years I’d be a little anxious as well.

What are your thoughts? Will Xenos start seeing new releases soon? Can we trust the rumors?

ork hor wal


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