May WD Preview & Xenos Terrain Spotted

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May’s issue of White Dwarf will hit shelves and mailboxes over the next few days. Come get a look at the official preview of what’s inside the cover for this month, and a new piece of Xenos terrain.

The new White Dwarf looks to contain more rules for Necromunda, additional background on the Idoneth Deepkin, and massive Warhammer 40k battle report.

This month’s White Dwarf is the perfect companion to your new Idoneth Deepkin models, featuring notes from the designers highlighting hidden design features and the stories behind why each miniature looks the way it does.

It’s a 2V2 showdown for the Warhammer 40k battle report which looks to feature loads of primaris marines, but they may have left their little brother space marines in power armor at home for this one.

Hot on the heels of the release of blank gang cards we look to have one of the most customizable gangs yet for Necromunda, the Venators.

Everything from skill sets, to unit profiles, to weapons can be mixed and matched in a Venator gang – you can even have your fighters hail from one of the great Gang Houses. These gangs promise to be a treat for converters and tinkerers looking to build profiles for their favourite models, or narrative gamers looking to properly represent some long-lost piece of lore or even a faction of their own invention.

And the biggest reveal (just in time for the new confirmed Deathwatch release) is the Eldar Webway gate that appears to stand nearly 12″ tall from the looks of the Wraithknight it dwarfs.

Finally, this issue of White Dwarf features a glimpse at an awesome upcoming new model – the Aeldari Webway Gate! After years of being an iconic part of the Warhammer 40,000 background, this huge scenery piece finally brings the webway to life on your tabletop – keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for when this goes on pre-order…

This new terrain kit seems to be inspired by the old Eldar codex cover from yesteryear and looks simply stunning.

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What do you think about the latest on the next three releases for Warhammer 40k (both confirmed and unconfirmed)? Which are you ready to spend your hobby dollars on if, and when they hit store shelves?

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