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knight Armiger

Come see the latest rules and points rumors for the Imperial Knight dual Armiger kit release that may be on the way for 8th Edition Warhammer 40k.

Since before Adepticon, we had heard an awful lot recently about the new Imperial Knight codex, and Games Workshop even has teased us with some images of the Castellan Knight.

Imperial Knights 2018 Release

We already know there are GIANT FREAKING ROBOTS on the way with their very own codex from the announcement at Adepticon this year.

Castellan Knight New

Knight Castellan 


Scanner has been hinting there may be a lot more meat to the Imperial Knights codex that people have been expecting. However, these are just rumors of what may be on the way rules-wise for the Imperial Knights in 8th Edition:

Scroll down for the latest on the Armiger

Armiger Warglaives

The new Imperial Knight codex will contain TEN Knight datasheets, and would like to add the name Preceptor to the list of models that we will be seeing soon. He also confirmed that the four names quoted above in bold are correct with each being a variant of the other.

the Knight codex will also have a terrain datasheet just like the Harlequins, and a special character datasheet too.

forgoten knight walpaper

Freeblades are a custom part of the Knights and are given bonuses like how selecting the C’Tan powers work. BUT for every bonus, there is a drawback that can hurt your creation. There is a way to work around the negatives… at least temporarily.   For Chaos, well, there is no Chaos, renegade or otherwise.


4 new Knight kits coming!!!  Terrain, Armiger (makes 2 diff versions), Knight Preceptor / Special Character (with full cockpit & pilot figure), Valiant / Castellan.

Sector Mech Terrain Post

Terrain is like tech priest with the ability to re-load, heal, and max out weapon shots for a Knight. Amrigers get Dakka with 2 amped up guns, and character gets a laser weapon like a Chimera, but you know, bigger.

Oh and if you like wolves, you will love the new knight character.

Knight Armiger Rumors

Armiger Warglaives

Codex fixes two problems with the Armiger, high points and weak to hordes in combat. Both new Armigers will cost less that a leman russ, and chainreaper will gain a multi-attack ability.  Helverin gets dakka that taken over several models leaves any other walker’s firepower in the dust.

If this pans out to be true that’s a pretty HUGE lineup of new releases with some new cool rules for the baby knights that have been universally panned for their seemingly high points cost and vulnerabilities.

For a codex previously only had a handful of datasheets perhaps the combination of Mechanicus and Questor rules will be enough to fill a normal sized 8th edition codex, and four new releases wouldn’t hurt either.

Existing Knight Lineup:

imperial knight lineup

Still no “official” word on the release date for Imperial Knights, however, the releases for the end of the month may end up being the new Rogue Trader box that was rumored to be releasing after Deathwatch arrived.

Update: Sources tell us to expect Knights by the second week of June 2018

All in all, we’re getting really excited to see everything Games Workshop has in store for the Imperial Knight Codex, and we’ll be putting out more codex confirmations as soon as we get them!

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Imperial Knight Codex and some GIANT FREAKING ROBOTS? Check out the latest on the Knights and what everyone is saying about these rumors over on our 3 codex books

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