RUMOR: Imperial Knight Release Order & Lineup

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Castellan Knight NewToday we’re getting a look at a new rumor on the upcoming release lineup for the Imperial Knight faction. Come find out what the rumor mill is saying now.

Hermanista from Bolter & Chainsword is back with another Knight rumor, and this time we’re getting what is the supposed release order, and his prediction on the timeframe. Don’t forget to add salt.

salt pile

I’m wracking my brain of the order they were presented on the release sheet, but I think it went


So I’d expect the first two one week, the other the week after.

The valiant is silver with a spear and some plasma type gun I think. As I think I’ve said before I’d expect it to be the character box as well.

I don’t know if it’s thin/lanky or not, and it was so long ago now that I’m wracking the noggin to remember the conversation.

The release sheet did have renegade on there as well, so hopefully that means a rerelease or an update?

And I was thinking May too, what came out last May? As it’s likely from a sales pov GW will want to match last year’s release with another similar level one to keep the pounds ticking over

So, if the rumor is true it looks like it’s going to be the Castellan and Armiger coming out the first week, followed by the Valiant and Helliger the second week. But, there could be a fifth Knight as well. According to hermanista, the Renegade Knight was also on the release sheet, leading him to believe a re-release or an update. But, once again, this is just a rumor so take it as you will.

This isn’t the first rumor we’ve seen from hermanista… Back in February, we got our first rumor of four new Knights on the way.

Praise the Omnissiah!

As I invoke the sacred texts and raise the memory banks… there are 4 knight boxes coming.

The Amiger Warblade we’ve seen
There’s something I think called a “Helliger” <spelling mistake is possible>

There’s a Castellan
And another one that I think was called a Valiant which again may be the wrong name but is similar.

I think I saw they will rerelease Imperial Knight Renegade

And then you have a codex, datacards and I think dice, but don’t quote me on that last bit.

It’s a great time to be a Knight Senschal


imperial knight lineup

Current Lineup of Imperial Knights

In a separate post we saw:

I think the amiger/helliger are separate boxes, but only a few weeks apart.

Same for the Castellan/Valiant.

But again, I’m extrapolating from a quick look at a release schedule.

So we’ll see.

As I said elsewhere, I think we’ll see the amiger/s in the box set and the Knight army release later

The first rumor we saw from hermanista claimed there were four new Knights on the way and the Armigers would be coming in a box set. Well, he was spot on with the Armiger coming in a box set announcement, so hopefully, he’s spot on with his latest rumor.

We already know there are GIANT FREAKING ROBOTS on the way with their very own codex from the announcement at Adepticon this year.

All in all, we’re getting really excited to see everything Games Workshop has in store for the Imperial Knight Codex, and we’ll be putting out the updates as soon as we get them! And, if the latest rumor is true, we might not have to wait much longer.

What do you think about the latest rumor? Are you looking forward to the upcoming Imperial Knight Codex?

next 3 codex books

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