How Many Daemon Princes Can the Tyranids Handle?

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Can Tyranids take down Nurgle Daemon Princes without 7 Flying Hive Tyrants?  It’s a Wobbly Modelers’ head to head extravaganza!

Watch two amazingly painted armies battle for dominance in battle Nurgle Daemons vs. Hungry Tyranids!

How Many Daemon Princes Can the Tyranids Handle?

Juice is back in the beats lab, battling against Austin with Nurgle Daemons clashing against Tyranids and Genestealer Cults. This battle report features mission 1 from ATC (six objectives), along with ITC secondaries. They are deploying in Dawn of War format and Austin wins the roll for going first.

tyranids wobbly modelers

Juice is leading the pack of ravenous Tyranids: Hive Fleet Philly. This has three detachments: a supreme command, battalion, and spearhead. The Genestealer Cult forms a Supreme Command detachment with two Magus, a Primus, and pure-strain Genestealers.

Hive Fleet Kraken is represented by a Spearhead detachment, featuring a Flying Hive Tyrant and three Mawlocs. The Batallion detachment is represented by Hive Fleet Kronos, featuring Termagaunts, Hive Guard, Flying Hive Tyrant, and a Neurothrope.

wobbly nurgle daemons

Austin is leading the Nurgle Daemons. This has three detachments as well, a supreme command and two battalions. The Supreme Command has three Daemon Princes. The battalions have Nurglings, Plaguebearers, Plague Drones, Daemon Princes, and a Scrivener. All the models for both Nurgle and Tyranids were painted by the Wobbly Modelers studio.

Austin’s turn one aims to hop onto objectives as quickly as possible to score points right away. Since the list has no guns, getting initial kills is difficult. The units mainly advance forward to get to the center of the board and hold objectives…as well as protecting the Daemon Princes. In the psychic phase, smite kills three Termagaunts.

chomp chomp

Juice’s turn one aims to force their way across the table as strongly as possible. The Genestealers do come in and get to come in 9″ away from the units. The Magus does the same and is able to move an extra little unit. He does get Horror off on one unit and is able to Smite a Plaguebearer. The Hive Tyrant starts shooting, taking down quite a few Plaguebearers.

The Hive Guard kill another ten. The pure-strain charge in, as well as a Hive Tyrant. In the assault phase, killing a Nurgling, doing two wounds on the prince, and killing all but one Plaguebearer. Nurgle hits back, killing five Genestealers.

The Tyranids came in strong for turn one, scoring five points for Nurgle’s one. Can Nurgle turn things around or will the Tyranids enjoy their feast? Find out by watching the battle report below!

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