10 Highlights From A Sub-Par Space Wolves Codex

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The new Space Wolves are looking sub-par, but we still have 10 Tips & Tricks that you should know about their new rules in 8th Edition.

Let’s take a look inside this new book and see what the Space Wolves have in store for the battlefields., along with the new Dice and Datacards with this release.

10 Highlights From A Sub-Par Space Wolves Codex

SW Datacards

First up we have the Space Wolves Datacards. This pack of seventy-three cards contains 27 Stratagems available to your Space Wolves army, along with the seven Physic Abilities and thirty-six tactical objectives.SW Dice

These new Space Wolves Dice feel good in the hand and spot the Wolf symbol as a Six and a Space Wolves Skull design on the one. Overall a good quality dice if you want to add them to your Space Wolves collection.

SW Codex

Now we get to take a look at the New Space Wolves Codex for Warhammer 40k, 8th Edition. Overall this book is getting panned as subpar, but we have some of the pros and cons of this book and how it stacks up in this edition.

Warlord Trait BS

Let’s start with the Big Con. If you haven’t heard yet, the first thing you are going to want to do after getting this book is to go to the GW site and download the correct Warlord Traits. Games Workshop has stated the week of release that all the Traits in this new $40 Codex are wrong. That being said, they have done all that they can short of a total recall to fix this problem.

Wulfen Page

The Pros out of the gate are that this book stays true to the fluff and feel of the Space Wolves. If you are a die-hard Space Wolves player then this book is for you. Though this book is not OP,  there a lot of Combos that are going to see play, and a lot of strong points to this army.

SW Combos

Last but not least Robby B goes over some of the sick combos that you can play or look out for on the battlefield. There are no shortage of tactics and combos in this book and we have only scratched the surface of what the new Space Wolves are capable of.

These new Space Wolves will be a great addition to the forces of the Imperium. Make sure you check out our full Codex Review Video below!

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