New Eldar & Space Marines Are Coming Next Week

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Don’t miss this one, even more Space Marines are on the way as GW just previewed the Wake of the Dead starter box for 40k along with new Kill Team.

Looks like we were onto something this morning with our rumors of a new Eldar starter box was incoming soon.

GW just took the wraps off the latest bundle deal for Warhammer 40k named Wake of the Dead that is coming to store shelves next week:

War is still ongoing over Viglius, as the Ultramarines look to battle the Eldar once more.

Wake the Dead is a new battlebox that continues the developing story of Vigilus, as the guerrilla war beneath the planet’s surface tilts into global conflict. Inside, you’ll find two armies – a conclave of Craftworlds warriors and an elite strike force of Primaris Space Marines.

Maybe, besides the potential savings, best of all is two dynamic new figures for both the Eldar and Space Marines, as each of these armies is led by a new model:

A Spiritseer (left) and a new Primaris Lieutenant (right) look to be the newest figures for each faction.

Plus of course what is a starter box without some savings right? Judging by Tooth and Claw which retailed for $150, and had a retail value of nearly $400. This box may be a yet another smash hit sales wise for Games Workshop.

But that is not all the new releases coming for next week, as GW previewed new 40k Kill Team as well!

From offering narrative campaigns a dramatic backdrop for their battles to providing matched play players with new tactical challenges, all while saving you some money on some great terrain, this Killzone has a little something for everyone.

Generally speaking these Killzones cost around $80 and have around $125 or more in value inside. They are for all intensive purposes Start Collecting boxes for Terrain. as they seem to follow the same pricing/value structure as the SC boxes for figures.

You’ll also be able to kick off your xenos kill teams with two new Starter Sets, focusing on the T’au Empire and the Necrons.

Like their predecessors, these boxes are the best way to get involved with a new Faction, offering Tactics cards you won’t find anywhere else, models to build your kill team with, terrain to expand your Killzones and some nifty token sheets – all at a lower price than getting the contents separately.

This all goes live for pre-order on Saturday, but GW has promised a week full of details on the new warbands, and a closer look at Thorns of the Briar Queen.
Whatever they promise, you can be sure to catch it all right here on Spikey Bits!

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