Ynnari & Slaanesh 40k Release Rumors

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More rumors of new Aeldari and Slaanesh coming sooner than later, potentially along with some new models for both factions!

With those Space Elves having all these different sub-factions, it’s only fair that everyone gets a codex right? A rumor spotted from BoLS has been getting some attention.

But today we have more on all of these and more!

Previous Rumor

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  • A codex will come out for an Aeldari faction after all other codices have been released.
  • it will be Codex: Ynnari.
  • The Codex will have new models.

ynnari wal hor eldar Ynnari & Slaanesh 40k Release Rumors

Ynnari & Slaanesh 40k Release Rumors:

Update: the rumored new box set was revealed later in the day after this article was published.

Wake of the Dead featuring the Eldar has officially been previewed

Sources have told us that we can expect to see not only a new box set for the Aeldari / Ynnari, but also some Slaanesh tidbits:

  • a new box set will come out similar to the Speed Freeks Box for Orks. Sources indicate it will be for Aeldari / Ynnari. CONFIRMED
  • Fiends of Slaanesh will be getting a new model (finally)
  • A new Slaaneshi model will feature a female looking form playing the harp on a guy’s skin
  • Fugrim is also supposedly 100% in the works as well

What We Can Guess


A new box set preceding a codex launch may have just set a new part to market for 40k releases that allows GW to sell current minis bundled with one new special character or one new unit for a particular faction. Which we have seen both product offerings with Speed Freeks and Tooth and Claw (new Space Wolf, and GSC models) recently.

The Ynnari have been playing a major role in the advancement of the lore on 40k lately. Bringing back Guilliman was a pretty big milestone. It only makes sense that Ynnari would be getting a Codex after being a major pillar in the storyline. But you can’t make a Codex for only Three characters! that means new models and hopefully, some cheap troops are on the way.

It would make sense to have monk or priest-like models for the infantry of the army.

What could the vehicles possibly look like?

Could this rumor be true? Can you guess what the new models will look like?

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