New Space Marines Coming in November

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Space Marine Heroes will be hitting the shelves real soon here in the states. Check what to expect from this collectible line of minis.

Space Marine Heroes is a collectible line of minis that are sold individually. They have their own names, poses, and wargear. Originally, these were only available in Japan but it looks like they’re spreading around the globe!

There have actually been rumors about this making rounds on the internet for a while now. Multiple retailers here in the states are beginning to report the latest word on what’s in store for us.

New Space Marines Coming in November

New Space Marines Coming in November

Previously Space Marine Heroes was only available in Japan for the longest time. Current they’re actually getting their second series of Marines as well that will be featuring Blood Angel Terminators.

As for the rest of us, we’ll be getting some named Ultramarines.

The Idea Behind the Models

space marine heroes nov 2

Space Marine Heroes is a blind-buy collectible coming from Games Workshop in November. This is a collection of 9 miniatures to collect that are sold in CDUs of 12 with a rarity system. 8 of the miniatures will be in every CDU and the ultra rare will be in every third dispenser. The goal for this release is to place this collectible item in stores that do not normally carry Games Workshop as well as the normal Games Workshop stores

The whole idea behind these models is to get people who know nothing about Warhammer into the game. They will also be in stores where you wouldn’t normally find any GW models. It appears the reasoning seems to be the same as the new boxed games, Space Marine Adventures, Blitz Bowl and the new LoTR game at Barnes & Noble, or even 40k Monopoly; Market Saturation.

Don’t worry though, these models WILL be at your local GW stores too.

sprue snap

Sprue snap-off design

Space Marine Heroes are designed to be snapped off the sprue with your fingers and can be push-fitted together. The models will also come in a basic color similar to the Chapter. (We’ve seen this with Series one and two.)

The boxes will be a “Blind Buy” collectible series with a rarity aspect. The packages will come pretty standard-issue. You’ll get the model on sprue, a picture of the model painted up, instructions, and a collectors card.

space marine heroes line 1

Space Marine Heroes set one originally sold in Japan


There is a total of NINE miniatures to collect (as opposed to the original 12 pictured above) and they’ll be sold in a case of twelve. Keep an eye out for your ultra rare figure as well.

He’ll be difficult to get ahold of, but judging by his silhouette we may have already seen him before:

Brother Captain Tassarius

Brother Captain Tassarius 3,000 yen

Look out for this batch of the Emperor’s finest to hit the shelves sometime in November. The total box will cost around $84.00.

What do you think about Space Marine Heroes? Will you be grabbing a box to collect? Is this a good design to get new players into Warhammer? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.


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