GW Rumor Engine: You’ve Got to Have Thick Skin

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GW’s latest rumor engine is showing some scaly skin! Before we jump to conclusions, let’s weigh all of the possibilities. Tell us what you think!

Games Workshop dropped their latest rumor engine preview this morning. It looks like something with some hardened skin has been prowling around.

If you missed their last rumor engine, you can always check it out before we look at the latest.

GW Rumor Engine: You’ve Got to Have Thick Skin

rumor engine 12-11-18

Checking out the latest rumor engine, you can see there’s a “spine” of bigger scales going down the center of the model. Of course, there are sprinklings of different-sized scales everywhere else.

When we took our first glace at this, we saw some scale “lizardy” skin. But wait, isn’t there a race in some kind of Warhammer game that’s also getting a Battleforce? 

lizardmen seraphon race hor wal

Seraphon in AoS are still most certainly a thing and were/are a top army in the game. Their spellcasting is almost on-par with Tzeentch when a Slan is on the table. But could Seraphon be getting a new model?


Do these scales match some of their bigger creatures like the Troglodon?

Fulgrim Is Daemon Primarch Fulgrim Next For 40k?

Looking at other possibilities, could this be another part of a rumored Fulgrim model? Maybe it’s his Serpentine back? We’ve been seeing all sorts of rumor engines that look like they could fit right into Fulgrim’s description. It’s definitely on the table as one of the possibilities nonetheless.

Give us your honest opinion on the latest rumor engine. There won’t be any wrong answers until we see it make its way into a preview sometime down the road.

What was your first thought when you saw the scales in the rumor engine? Do you think it’s something for AoS or 40k…or Both? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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