RUMORS: Codex Slaanesh & Daemon Primarch Fulgrim

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We’re back with some more juicy rumors hot out of the oven. Slaanesh and the Emperor’s Children are the centers of attention once again.

BoLS dropped a rumor this morning that had to do with the return of some Daemons along with a possible Emperor’s Children codex. Make sure you go over everything because this article is chock full of rumors!

RUMORS: Codex Slaanesh & Daemon Primarch Fulgrim

fiend 1 RUMORS: Codex Slaanesh & Daemon Primarch Fulgrim

fiend 2

Before we jump in, let’s go over the Fiend of Slaanesh that was just previewed a few days ago. An interesting little side fact is that the last time we saw a new Slaanesh model was in 2012…six years ago.

Slaanesh’s number just happens to be six. Is this a coincidence or is this the year of Slaanesh? Who knows! But supposedly, Khorne and Slaanesh are getting new units. Past that, your guess as to what is as good as ours.

There was this video on Wrath and Rapture from back in August showing Daemonettes and Bloodthirsters fighting each other. It also sounded like a Daemonette talking in the video. What do you think?

Fulgrim & Other Release Rumors

Fulgrim Is Daemon Primarch Fulgrim Next For 40k?

If you’ve been keeping up with some rumors and the lore of 8th edition, you’ll know that a “serpent” has been mentioned a number of times slaughtering Guardsmen in sectors of space.

fulgrim spotted

As for what we’ve gathered, sources have told us what we can expect to see in months to come.

  • a new box set will come out similar to the Speed Freeks Box for Orks. Sources indicate it will be for Aeldari / Ynnari. CONFIRMED
  • Fiends of Slaanesh will be getting a new model CONFIRMED
  • A new Slaaneshi model will feature a female looking form playing the harp on a guy’s skin
  • Fugrim is also supposedly 100% in the works as well (Fulgrim may have left his pleasure world after all!)

Emperor’s Children Codex Rumors SPOTTED

noise marine

If Fulgrim comes back, it would only make sense for his Legion to back him up.

There are rumors swirling of the Emperor’s Children getting a codex, in the same vein as Death Guard and Thousand Sons before them. This would be a large full release with all manner of new minis.

According to the rumor, Noise Marines were mentioned along with some kind of Marine/cavalry unit. Fulgrim is supposedly going to be in their Codex as well, further tying these rumors into one another.

Slaanesh in AoS

slaanesh 1

As one final Coup de Grace, apparently, Slaanesh will be breaking free from his prison and taking command of their followers once again in Age of Sigmar.

If Slaanesh is getting new Daemon models, it would only make sense for GW to bring the Chaos god of Pleasure back into the picture so that players could use the Daemon models in multiple platforms. (We know that players can still play Daemonettes in AoS even with Slaanesh’s imprisonment, but it would hurt the hype not to free him/her).

What do you think about Slaanesh being brought back into the spotlight? What kind of Emperor’s Children/Daemonette models would you like to see?

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