Even More New Rules Coming To White Dwarf Each Month

By Rob Baer | January 7th, 2019 | Categories: News / Rumors, Warhammer 40k

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More new rules are coming to the White Dwarf each month for not just Warhammer 40k or the Space Marines either. Heres the latest.

New Year… New White Dwarf! GW has some major changes for the magazine that we know and love. But is it for the best? We’ve already given you our thoughts on what GW could do instead of bloating rules systems to entice both model and magazine sales, and now we have the latest on the future of White Dwarf from the New Years Open.

According to Hobby Hero Garro, Games Workshop is rolling out even MORE new rules inside the White Dwarf going into 2019:

jan wd 2019 collectors cover


General white dwarf news.

Specialist games and forgeworld will have content going forward in the ‘non 40k/aos’ section. Necromunda battle report coming soon.

AoS will be getting an ‘index astartes‘ style segment adding new sub-faction rules like what we got with crimson fists this month.

The new rules section will alternate between AoS and 40k. So 40k got crimson fists this month, next month sees AoS get a new stormhost.

Regarding 40k, these rules will not be locked to only loyalist chapters but will include chaos and xeno factions; basically anyone with a sub-faction rule will be looked at in time. (Remember there will only be six new sub-faction per game system each year and Loads of armies to cover.)

WD team excited by the suggestion to look at the FW chapters that use to have rules like the badab war chapters.

Also there will no longer be a ‘new releases’ section at the beginning as the community site has that covered.

Interesting news indeed, so it looks like the sky may be the limit for new rules inside the White Dwarf going forward according to Garro.  This month did see new Crimson Fists, and 40k Kroot Kill Team rules laid out in a professional and concise manner as a selling point to the new format.

wd jan 2019 fists leaks

New Crimson Fist Rules

kroot kt 1

Kroot Kill Team Rules

Plus a teaser for what may be the new Stormcast rules mentioned above as well:

Tome Celestial: Hammerhands

tome celestial

So hurray for new content this year! Question is will hobbyists want to lug around a crate of White Dwarves, as well as their Codex, BRB, Chapter Approved and Vigilus supplement books to each game they play?

Either way, we can’t wait to see what this new year holds for the hobby! Make sure you keep those hobby muscles strong, stay in the trenches, and check out our Pass or Fail: 2019 No-Ads & New 40k Rules White Dwarf Format video below!

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