Kroot’s Kill Team & AoS Rules Rumors Spotted in White Dwarf

By Wesley Floyd | January 2nd, 2019 | Categories: Games Workshop, News / Rumors, White Dwarf

kroot mercanary Hey 40k, How Does A Kroot & Vespid Codex Sound?

GW is upping their White Dwarf game with rumored new rules coming for Age of Sigmar, and Kroot’s 40k Kill Team was just spotted in the January issue!

White Dwarf Magazine has been GW’s go-to magazine for years. Showcasing new models, painting guides, and a written battle report have always been a part of the content. However, it looks like a new trend is getting started. A sprinkling of rules are starting to be found inside the White Dwarf magazine, perhaps to encourage people to continue buying the magazine into 2019.

Now more images from White Dwarf were just spotted on Imgur, and it’s starting to look like it may not just be new 40k rules that will be included each month after all.

Let’s check out the latest on what we know as we’ve already seen a few of the rules previewed in January the White Dwarf a while back showcasing the Kroot Kill Team as well as the Index Astartes rules. (Starting with the Crimson Fists).

More Kroot Kill Team Rules Spotted in Jan WD

kroot kt 1

The Kroot still have their Tau Empire keyword and are going to have three units to pick from. The Krootoc Rider may be a real problem to deal with for some Kill Teams as it’s fast, it’s T5, and comes with a hefty four wounds. You could barrel one of these Riders into a group of models just to keep them tied up while the rest of your team moves into a better position.

kroot kt 2

The Kroot Rifle is essentially your standard Boltgun with a +1 Strength bonus in close combat. The Kroot Gun, however, is very solid with two shots in 24″ at S7 -1AP D3 damage.

kroot kill team 4

Kroot are known primal primal hunters and their Stratagems definitely reflect it. The Kroot aren’t afraid to get down and dirty when it comes to killing their prey. Tearing Claws, for example, let’s you roll 2d6 and pick the highest result for your injury roll when a Kroot Hound wounds a model.

kroot fluff 1

kroot fluff 2

Of course, just like any Kill Team, you have the option of giving them all unique names and their own upbringings. This stuff doesn’t really affect in-game play. However, it’s another great avenue for Kroot enthusiasts to go down.

Tome Celestial: Hammerhands

tome celestial

Also found in the January White Dwarf, something called the Tome Celestial is coming next month. By going off our initial thoughts, this MIGHT be an Index: Astartes-type series for AoS factions.

wd aos

This little snippet seems to suggest rules coming for more 40k factions as well as AoS armies in the White Dwarf as well as 40k.

But, what does that mean? It means the White Dwarf team is sitting, once more, in the middle of the Design studio. They are surrounded by everything that is going on with Warhammer and the pages of White Dwarf will soon be filled with content you would usually expect to see in the General’s Handbook, Chapter Approved, Codexes, or Battletomes. These are exciting times for the magazine.

What do you think about White Dwarf’s focus on including new rule supplements to games? Have you already subscribed to the magazine because of it? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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