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dankholdt trogg boss

Don’t miss the latest previews showcasing more new models coming to the Gloomspite Gitz as well as their rules that are coming soon for Age of Sigmar!

Games Workshop has been hyping up this AoS faction for a while now. It doesn’t look like they’re slowing down either. A new model was spotted and rules for new units were also covered. Take a look with us.

Dankhold Troggboss Model & rules

dankhold troggboss

Here’s the new Troggboss in all his lumbering glory. The detail on this model is absolutely astounding. he’s squeezing the guts straight out of the creature he’s holding. And of course, every good Troggoth knows to never leave the cave without some head protection.

dankhold troggboss rules

The Dankhold Troggoth is an absolute monster. with twelve wounds and a 4+ save, he’s got some decent survivability. However, rules are what really sends him over the top.

Crushing Grip let’s him roll one time each combat and if he rolls a D6 higher than the total wounds of an enemy model, it’s slain. He also ignores ALL effects  with is Magical Resistance from enemy spells (endless or regular) on a 4+. If you try to Purple sun of Shysh him, there’s a 50% chance he’ll ignore it.

Reassuring Presence is nice because it adds 1 to the bravery of ALL Gloomspite Gitz models in 18″. Also, he may be tanky, however, he only regenerates wounds on a 4+ (instead of the 2+ from some other Troggoth units). Luckily, the Effects of Da Bad Moon can help with that.

You don’t take him for this rule alone, but it’s a nice little thing we’ll take: Squiggly-Beast Followers lets you do a mortal wound for free if you roll equal or higher to the amount of enemy models within 3″ of the Troggboss.

As for the command ability, the Instinctive Leader rule gives an 18″ aura that lets all friendly Troggoth units reroll hit rolls of 1.

Last but not least…his club. Four base attacks hitting on a 3+, wounding on a 3+ and then dishing out D6 damage a pop…You’ll be cleaving through ranks of enemy models like nobody’s business.

SporeSplatta Fanatics

gloomspite gitz fanatics 2

sporesplatta fanatics

The Sporesplatta Fanatics look to be more of a support unit. They can beef up Moonclan Grots by giving them an extra attack from the spore clouds given off by the Puffshroom Frenzy. 

Another neat trick up their sleeve is that they create a spore cloud that blocks Line-of-sight to other friendly units from the enemy as long as these guys are closer.

Splat just increases your chances of dishing out mortal wounds to the friendly unit and units around them (friend or foe) if you roll doubles on your charge.

And last but not least, Whirling death. This unit fights at the start of the combat phase before sides alternate picking who gets to fight. These guys are glass cannons so they won’t stick around for long. It’s nice to see that they’ll have a rule that lets you get your bang in for your buck

Loonboss on Mangler Squigs

loonboss on mangler squig

The Loonboss on Mangle Squigs is an absolute flurry of attacks. At full bracket, this unit moves a whopping 3D6 inches and gets four attacks that do D6 damage and seven attacks that do D3. (There’s still more attacks in the profile but those are coming from the Gitz riding on top).

The Balls and Chain weapon profile normally hit on a 3+ but you’ll be hitting on a 2+ if you made a successful charge with the Ker-Splat! rule.

To make things crazier, you can feed them a Redcap Mushroom once per game and have the unit reroll all hit and wound rolls (excluding the mount and crew)

These guys also explode on a 4+ dealing out D3 mortal wounds on death.

And finally, for the Command Ability, Bite da Moon! lets you add 1 to the wounds of all Squig units within 18″ of this model. Yikes.

Boingrot Bounderz

boingrot bounderz

boingrot bounderz rules

The Boingrot Bounderz are a new Squig unit that’ll be coming to Glomspite Gitz. These guys move 2D6 like normal Squig units and have a nifty 2″ Pokin’ Lance.

Boing Smash turns these guys into a potential mortal wound engine in bigger squads. You’ll roll a D6 for each model in this unit within 1″ of an enemy after a charge. For each roll of a 4+, the enemy unit suffers a mortal wound.

Remember those Lances we were just talking about? Lances of the Bounderz also adds 1 to the wound rolls for attacks made with them after they’ve charged.

Skragrott the Loonking

loonking 1

loonking rules

Going off of his stats, we can tell that Skragrott is definitely not a frontline hero. He’s better off in the back with his crazy ideas. So what tricks does he have up his sleeve? For starters, his Babbling wand gives you D3 extra command points on a 4+ at the start of each of your hero phases.

Da Moon Onna Stikk deals an extra mortal wound to a model that got injured by it and didn’t die. It’s also a 28″ ranged weapon. Nothing game breaking, but it’s nice.

Loonking’s Crown makes him just a little bit better than most Wizards out there, by giving him a +1 bonus to casting and unbinding. He also has a 4+++ Feel No Pain against any kind of wounds.

The Loonking can cast two spells and unbind two spells. He even comes with his own personal spell called Nikkit! Nikkit! You essentially get to do D3 mortal wounds for a casting cost of 8. However, if the roll was 10+ and the target had an artifact of power, the artifact can no longer be used for the rest of the game. Not bad for a hard disable in a spell!

The Loonkings Entreaty lets you manipulate the Bad Moon for its bonuses. You can choose for the Moon to stay still, move once, or even twice. You don’t roll for the movement either. The Loonking comes with some hard manipulation for the army’s Allegiance ability which is exactly what we were hoping to see.

All in all, the Gloomspite Gitz are looking to be a real powerhouse army with some incredible options for different playstyles. If you want to run Troggoths, spam Squigs, or just stack up with Moonclan Grots, they all seem like powerful choices.

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