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necromunda hor walpaper

Huge Necromunda previews are here as the Horus Heresy Weekender may be dedicated to the 30k timeline, but they got the goods on the underhive too.

Necromunda is a skirmish-style game similar to Kill Team. You have a small group of unique fighters go up against each other in a close-quarters environment to gain control of gang territory. When the game got revamped earlier on, support has not slowed down a bit!

Hobby Hero Garro posted up a ton of pics and Matt Swift from the Necromunda 2017 Fb Group has the preview info from the seminar. Let’s check out what’s on the way next for Necromunda!

Necromunda Support Incoming

There’s a lot to go over for what’s on the way to the game. So sit back and buckle up as we take a look at the seminar’s slides and its artwork.

necromunda alliance


Necromunda hh 1

Strix – mad techno hunter formerly of the Van Saar

Kage – former sump dogs Orlock ganger who rebelled against Rocky, failed the leadership challenge and is now the Anti-Orlock Orlock

With the artwork alone, you can tell that the characters kept the look from their original gang. For example, Strix has the classic Van Saar faceplate still on.

necromunda hh 2

House Catallus – first art for nobles, brother and sister who can be taken together. She’s a sniper, he’s a duelist. He claims to have never lost but really she just shoots anyone that starts to win. House is in civil war. She was meant to kill him but likes her brother more than her parents so they’ve fled downhive. Basically Merc’s for hire.

As a brother/sister wombo combo, you’ll be able to take these as (what looks to be Mercs for hire). The Catallus family has a sniper and a duelist that retreated into the underhive to survive.

necromunda hh 3

Psykers! One unsanctioned and one sanctioned. Thaetos comes from the Big Hole – giant mine. Was a god figure to the miners, got captured by slavers then escaped and now collects various undesirables to him. Mortana is the daughter of a guilder, when her powers manifest her family sold her and she’s now a Sanctioned Psyker. Her collar is made of the bones of dead psykers that talk to her.

necromunda hh 4

Rex Spires – Demo expert… Geddit? He wrecks spires. Also… his arms are bionic so take his skill level with a pinch of salt…

Vorgen – former guardsman. Big fan of big guns.

Funny enough, the demo has completely bionic arms (probably lost through trial and serious error). Nevertheless, he’s got a smile on his face and ready to get the job done.

Guild Allies for Your Gangs

necromunda hh 5

Your gangs are looking to be able to create close alliances with a few random crowds. Check out the art for these degenerates in the hive slums.

necromunda hh 6

Corpse Guild first up, models for some guilders will be coming at some point.

With the artwork on the right, he’s wearing some kind of plague doctor mask and has a Servo-skull akin to a corpse Fly. We’re guessing he’ll have something to do with biological warfare.



necromunda hh 7

Moving into the other allies, could you think the Promethium Guild would be about anything other than fire? These guys look like the religious Zealot model exclusive to Blackstone Fortress.



necromunda hh 8

Water guild and slave guild – water guild builds on the other side of the water conflict to the vampire of water bounty hunter. Slave guild also manage the pit fights in the underhive.

Gameplay wise you can take representatives of the guilds to attach to your gangs rather than a “guild gang” at the moment.

Criminal Alliances

necromunda hh 9

  • Cold Traders – Responsible for black market goods.
  • Imposters – Bringing “fake it till you make it” to a whole new level.
  • Rogue Factoria – Produce and manufacture counterfeit tech. They can sell weaponry to all of the gangs that come knocking.

necromunda hh 10

  • Narco Lords – drug cartels.
  • Fallen Houses – former noble houses that have fallen from grace and are trying to regain power through rebels and usurpers.
  • Psy-Syndica – Rogue Psyker traffickers, often led by a Psyker themselves. Doesn’t matter if the Psykers are Sanctioned or not.

Future Battlegrounds of Necromunda

necromunda hh 11


necromunda hh 12

Badlands! Actively dangerous battlegrounds – killer fungus!

necromunda hh 13

Hive Mortis – Resident Evil… but on tabletop. Lots of bodies, people have started harvesting it

necromunda hh 14

Hive Arcos – hive that’s fallen to Khorne. Cultist uprisings and lots of murder.

necromunda hh 15

Hive Secundus – was the utopia hive, then it all went wrong. Because Grimdark. Rad tainted Genestealers..

necromunda hh 16

Ash wastes!!!! Yes!!! Orlock playground. Shanty towns and cargo trains. Getting a very Mad Max vibe.

necromunda hh 17

Sump seas – the World sump, horrors from the deeps, sump spiders

necromunda hh 18

Polar scrap spoils – massive junk yards, reclamation teams and gangs to go find things. Also a lot of tribes up there.

Other Battlegrounds Mentioned

necromunda art

Polar scrap spoils – massive junk yards, reclamation teams and gangs to go find things. Also a lot of tribes up there.

Navis Mortua – giant spaceship graveyard left over from a Helmawr civil war over shipping priority

Bore Mines – vertical fights in the mine shafts

necromunda hh 19

The Eye of Selene – spaceyard, docking station, weapon batteries etc. Space pirates, infestations, cargo cults. Zero G skirmishes.

What other Gangs Could be Coming?

Necromunda Underhive Wars (6)

At the Seminar, it looks like people might have had a few questions on what kind of Gangs they could look forward to in the future.

This is the answer they got:

Enforcers will almost certainly be coming, Arbites probably not as they’re a central Imperial authority more concerned with the Nobles than the underhive.

Cool new factions coming in the future. Not necessarily a rebuild of the old stuff like Ratskins (though these will likely get touched on).

Last but not least, a wild SQUAT appears!

Not a lot of info on this lad yet but we’re sure that GW will give him a cracking good preview here soon, and fill us all in on the details.

Bounty Hunters & Hangers-On

Games Workshop, previewed some actual models for folks not attending the weekender as well:

necromunda bounty hunters

Ortrumm 8-8 (left) Baertrum Arteros (middle) and Thaetos (right)

These three Bounty Hunters are on the way to the table with their models already printed. We actually saw Thaetos in a slide from above if you remember. Arturos will be adding a bit of class to your gang while the other two less-desirables will be able to rip apart your enemies with Warpcraft.

bounty hunters

Yar (left) & the Deserter (right)

Looking at a batch of more Bounty Hunters, Yar and the Deserter are able to be thrown into whatever faction you collect. Yar looks to be more of an assassin-type roll while the Deserter fits the “old man with a shotgun” persona quite well.

hangers on

As for the Hangers-on models, GW is coming out with two new premade kits. You’re completely able to make your Hangers-on from scratch if you’d like. But GW is throwing these out on the shelf to make things easier!

More Coming to Existing Gangs

bomb rats

House Cawdor prides themselves, being the religious Zealots they are, to be able to make a weapon out of anything. Their tricky bomb rats (yes that’s a thing) are finally getting some models!

delaque heads


Delaque Head Bits

delaque bits 1



delaque bits 2

The Delaque Gang are getting a handful of upgrade bits with new heads and two separate sets of weapons. Of course, each weapon upgrade set is coming with at least one of their signature daggers.

So we’ve got Enforcers, Ratskins, and even more that COULD be getting worked on behind the scenes as of right now!

Regardless of what factions come, we’ve got a lot in store for us in Necromunda. Between the Allies and new Battlegrounds, we are going to have so much content hit us it’s going to make our heads spin. What do you think about the artwork of the new models? What Battleground are you wanting to try out first? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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