New Titanicus Releases & Grandmaster Edition Returning!

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If you missed out the first time, the Grand Master Edition is returning along with a whole slew of new releases for Adeptus Titanicus!

Tabletop 30k isn’t the only game set in the Horus Heresy timeline! We also got a look in the future of what’s coming to Adeptus Titanicus.

From new books and decals to weapon sprues, there looks to be a lot in store for Adeptus Titanicus this year. Hobby Hero Garro and Games Workshop have been giving us tons of previews on what to keep our eyes peeled for in 2019!

Doom of Molech Book

doom of molech

The Doom of Molech campaign book allows you to fight these battles for yourself, with lore and campaigns that bring the conflicts explored in Black Library’s Vengeful Spirit to life in sumptuous detail. Meanwhile, rules for a variety of Titan Legions offer you even more tactical choice. There’s even the option to field an entire army of nothing but Knights for maximum gallantry – particularly fitting, as Molech was where the most infamous of Traitor Knight Houses, Devine, would reveal the depths of their perfidy and turn upon their allies.


The Doom of Molech is one of the biggest turn of events Titans ever saw during the Heresy. Set in time when Knight Households started to join Horus’s Rebellion, you’ll be able to re-visit pivotal events in the story and stomp out the Traitors.

If you love knights, don’t miss the new Maniple rules that allow them to take hits for larger titans that were in February’s White Dwarf!

New Terrain & Tiles

titanicus tile

Warzone Delta & Gamma

Two new tiles are getting added into Titanicus for even more unique games. You can mix and match the tiles you’ve already got to keep the landscape fresh.  Just throw some of your Sector Imperialis buildings on as you see fit!

Speaking of Sector Imperialis…

titanicus spires 1

If you’ve already got your buildings in order, you’ll be able to grab some Imperialis spires and throw them onto the rooftops. You know, just to add to the whole “Grimdark” feel of the universe.

Plus, this will definitely add depth to your buildings.

titanicus spires 2

Legio Furians Transfer Sheet

legio fureans


legio fureans 2

The Fureans household got their transfer sheet previewed. Forge World has been releasing these transfer sheets our sparingly and Fureans looks to be next in line!

New Weapon Upgrades

quake cannon


macro gatling cannon


gatling blasters

The Warlord is getting refitted with a lot more firepower. With two shoulder-mounted Gatling Blasters and a Macro Gatling Cannon, you’ll be able to pepper anything that steps out from behind cover in a blinding volley of shots.

mega bolter


warp missile

The Reaver is also getting two new carapace-mounted weapon options. The Mega Bolter will let you roll with the dakka, or you can bring the one-shot Warp Missile and have the ability to cripple just about anything that gets caught out of position.

Also coming soon are all the Warlord and Reaver upgrade sprues that hobbyists have been clamoring for. There must be big margins in these for Games Workshop to be rolling them out in such force.  Either way, the ability to upgrade you Titans will never be easier very shortly!

In the long run, there are some exciting new kits on the way. With all the plastic Warlord and Reaver weapons soon to be available separately…

Titanicus Grand Master Box Returning & More

titanicus grand master

Initially limited to 10,000 copies worldwide, this box was available to everyone for a short time. Bottom line, it was a very good deal. However, the price tag of $300 scared most people away. If you found a friend to split this with you, it was definitely easier to get into the game.

Adeptus Titanicus Review

Want to know more? Check out our unboxing review of it from last summer:

knight strat

Stratagem cards for your Knights are also on the way. You’ll be able to have all the stratagems you want to use laid out before you to make your games go quicker! Currently, there are no stratagems for Knights, so we assume they will be forthcoming in the new expansion book.

Titanicus has been Forge World’s big project since its release. They have been babying the game by slowly releasing more and more content as the player base grows. It looks like it has definitely been increasing in popularity as we have all kinds of options available to us in-game now compared to when the Grand Master box first dropped!

What do you think about these previews? Are you going to make a Gatling Warlord? Do you think you’ll be able to shred a voidshield with it? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group. 

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