Top Unbeatable 40k Army From LVO 2019

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Don’t miss the latest unbeatable army for Warhammer 40k that made it to the top at the Las Vegas Open tournament as the overall champion!

If you were wondering what some of the most “meta-intensive” army lists look like, you’re about to find out.

The 2019 Las Vegas Open hosted players from all over the world competing to win the event.  With that said, technically 12 went undefeated day one. After that, they got whittled down by four in a runoff round, which seeded a full undefeated top 8 going into the top championships for day two.

Check out the top list that never lost the whole way through!

This army hung with the most brutal combos out there and was still able to beat down whatever challenged them.

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The Las Vegas Open is a premiere Tabletop Gaming Convention set in fabulous Las Vegas. It takes place at Bally’s Casino from February 8th through the 10th, 2019. This event is brought to you by the Frontline Gaming team.

Also thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we are able to look back at all the details of the games, and who even played in our Long War 40k Doubles tournament as well!

#1 Brandon Grant- Imperial Guard

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Moving onto our last army, this guy actually went undefeated AND scored the highest amount of points in the entire tournament with this list. While tactics play a huge part in the game, we think it’s safe to say he had no dud units in his list.

What everything really boiled down to was that he had two really scary targets mixed in with some other decent threats.

  • 1st Threat: Bullgryn/ Priest beatdown squad
  • 2nd Threat: Castellan with CP fuel for days.

The Castellan was wrapped in a Guardsmen blob and shot up key targets to buy time for the Bullgryn to get into combat. The Hellhounds raced forward and tied up/exploded on enemy units that pushed too far forward.

guard hor wal imperial astra militarum

All in all, this list is extremely dangerous. You are better off trying to ignore the Bullgryn because once they’re buffed up with all the bonuses, they are not leaving the table. But while you have a wall of meat charging you, you’ve also got a meta-breaking Knight that is completely shielded from any close-combat shenanigans popping your firepower like grapes. You really only have (maybe) two turns to deal with the Castellan and move your entire force away from the Bullgryn.

Great list and fantastic job coming out on top for the 40k meta!

The LVO may be over, but we’ve still got plenty of lists to cover. Make sure you go over the top armies that were spotted on the tables and tweak your lists to look like theirs!

What do you think about the lists that went undefeated? Do you play a similar list? What’s the best way to deal with the Bullgryn death squad in your opinion? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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