Surprise New Adeptus Mechanicus Flyer Coming in 2020!

archaeopter stratoraptor transvector adeptus mechanicus 40k open daySurprise, GW just debuted a new Adeptus Mechanicus Flyer (I know right?) at their 40k Open Day.  Check out the latest on the Archaeopter.

Warhammer Community previewed its new Adeptus Mechanicus Archaeopter model for Warhammer 40k:

An entire day dedicated to Warhammer 40,000? At Warhammer World, the official home of the hobby?! Sounds like an awesome day out, right? But for those of you who can’t make it to today’s event, we don’t want you to miss out on all the latest news. 

Cult Mechanicus Archaeopter Stratoraptor & Transvector

First the Skorpius now the Achaeopter! Once again out of nowhere Adeptus Mechanicus is getting even more new models.

It’s not just the Ecclesiarchy that will be receiving reinforcements – the Tech Adepts of Mars are preparing to unleash their latest creation on the enemies of the Omnissiah. Look to the skies, for the Archaeopter is on its way!


This archaic-looking aircraft can be assembled in one of three patterns – a gunship, bomber or transport variant – and will provide your Adeptus Mechanicus forces with a suite of new tactical options.

Looks like a few Rumor Engines have been identified including one of the most popular ones in recent memory, the revolving bomb rack!

Hobby heroes Sprues & Brews and Garro were at the event and shared some great pictures of the model as well:

archaeopter stratoraptor transvector adeptus mechanicus 40k

As seen above the Archaeopter is coming with two variants. Here the transport version (what we assume is the “transvector”) appears to be on a knight sized 170mm large oval with a new flying stem of sorts.

seraphm primais inceptor stems

Similar in appearance to the stems the Priamris Inceptors, and Sisters Seriphm use, those stems actually come in three sizes (45mm, 50mm, and 55mm respectively). From these pictures, it looks like so far, only one size of the large flying stem has been spotted.


archaeopter stratoraptor transvector adeptus mechanicus 40k

Here’s a look at the landed version of the Archaeopter. From the Games Workshop preview image above, it looks like the primary weapon system goes in the rear of the craft:

archaeopter stratoraptor transvector adeptus mechanicus 40k

You can see the bomb rack a little better here on the cover of the assembly manual, however, there also appears to be a twin-linked weapon system variant for that mount as well.

With the Skorpius priced at $75, how much do you wager this model will cost for its release in 2020?

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