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primaris-new-unitsLet’s take a look at what exactly that blurry picture of possible new Primaris Space Marine models for Warhammer 40k may actually be.

If you missed the first rumored pic of all the Primaris goodness, we’ve covered it in an earlier post. However, now that it’s been sitting on multiple forums for a minute, there is a steady increase in dividing opinions of hobbyists and what they see. So we’re going to be breaking down the pieces a bit more.

Breaking Down the New Primaris Models: Yes, They All Look Primaris

primaris units rumor pic 3It’s important to note that right out of the gate, the picture is NOT of any kind of quality. And we aren’t saying that this is 100% what we’re getting. Mainly because it would be foolish to jump the curb like that. But, there are some serious differences we can see from the models compared to older models we currently have in the Space Marine line.

Let’s start by looking at the more popular of hobbyist opinions, the mysterious tank in the bottom left.

baal predator


repulsor executioner 1Mashing up the two tanks (the Baal Predator and the Repulsor) it looks like the mystery tank is some kind of  Primaris Baal Predator, Again, while nothing is confirmed, there are some stark similarities to the turret and the Baal Predator’s flamer loadout. It just all looks a bit more built-up…because you know…it’s Primaris.

The fact that it’s painted red also adds more of an inclination to think it’s an upgraded Baal Predator. And let’s face it…Blood Angels have a lot of unique units for the Chapter, but with all the Primaris support running around and the obvious phasing-out of old units, there’s hardly any reason to buy them at this point.

blood angels battleforce 2019IF this is that really is a Primaris Baal Predator equivalent in the blurry photo, it kind of sucks that Blood Angels just got their Battleforce with a unit that is about to be turned into a dinosaur.

The Other Hot Topic: New Bike Models

dakka dakka primaris bikerSpotted on DakkaDakka, a user by the name of Seneca traced out the possible details of the mystery Bike models in the top right of the frame.

While the sketch is a rough outline, there is one main giveaway to show that these Bikes aren’t just old Warhammer Legends models thrown into the preview. Check out the base size. They’re obviously thicker on the sides and take up a much larger footprint to the old Marine Bikes.

sm bike squad

Old Marine Bike Squad

Now one of the objections most heard about these units not being Primaris is because they don’t look to be flying. Meanwhile, all of the other Primaris vehicle tech we’ve seen has always flown. However, it may be in GW’s interest to keep them on the ground to keep them from being overpowered through use of Stratagems that affect FLY or other combat tricks. But on top of that, who said Primaris vehicles all had to fly anyway?

Are Two Riders on the Bikes?

primaris units rumor pic 1Going back to the blurry picture, there is a possibility that there are actually two models riding the bikes.

primaris bikesThe outlines are very crude, but one could even argue the space for two riders on the Bikes. In both models that have been highlighted, it looks like one guy might be semi-standing on the back and aiming some kind of rifle. While the other is obviously driving. It’s an interesting thought but we won’t know for sure until we see the actual model.

What are your thoughts on these models spotted in the frame? Is the Primaris Land Speeder-type model worth arguing over as well? Or is it obvious to tell what that is compared to the others?

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