Top Imperial Guard Tank Alternatives to GW Victoria Miniatures

Top Imperial Guard Tank Alternatives to GW Victoria MiniaturesWant some fresh looking tanks for your Imperial Guard? We unbox and build the Victoria Miniatures Matilda Tank kits and give you our thoughts on the design.

Rob got these to review recently,  so let’s see exactly what he thinks about these tanks. One of them is a few years old and the other is a newer release. Either way, both of these tanks are relatively recent and both look cool on the tabletop!

Matilda furyRight out of the gate we’ve got all the Matilda Fury bits laid out. Right around this time Rob also points out that the only difference between this and the Boss variant is the main turret. With that being said you can pick up just the turret and swap them out if you wanted to. Another huge consideration for this tank is that it costs a whopping 30 USD cheaper than the Forge World resin Leman Russ.

Matilda Boss assembledHere we have the full assembly with the Boss variant turret on top. The turrets of these two tanks and the Forge World tanks are completely backward compatible. So if you want your tanks or characters to stand out this might just be for you. These tanks are high quality and cheaper than FWs tanks by quite a bit- plus you can get just the turret bits separately to upgrade your existing Leman Russ tanks as well.

Victoria tanks

If you want to know more about the tanks, watch the full breakdown by Rob below! Be sure to get yours today from Victoria Miniatures.  Patreon supporters of Spikey Bits get models like this each month shipped to them.

Models provided for promotion & review.

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