GW Reveals Spicy Tau New 40k Rules From The Greater Good

Tau Sept wal horDon’t miss this! Games Workshop just previewed some spicy new Tau 40k rules from Psychic Awakening Greater Good.

It looks like the Tau are coming in strong with new rules inside of Psychic Awakening. Definitely making what was already good even better.

Warhammer Community revealed what’s on the way for the Tau inside of Psychic Awakening. And long story short, everything seems quite competitive.

Let’s jump right in and go over everything.

GW Reveals New Tau Commander Shadowsun 40k Rules

New Tau Greater Good 40k Rules

Tau walTau seem to be following suit with what Space Marines got with their 2.0 codex…bringing in the option to pick two rules to form your own Sept.

Tau Players Can Pick From Two Rules For Sept Tenets

tau custom sept stabilisation systemsFor what was previewed, one of the tenets you can pick from is essentially Target Lock for Battlesuits in your entire army. This lets them ignore the penalties of heavy and moving…

Did Riptides just get even better?
tau modulated weaponrySpeaking of Riptides, Warhammer 40,000 also posted on their Facebook a Stratagem that makes Riptides (and even R’varhna’s and Y’vharras) incredible. 1CP to max your shot output? Yes, please.

tau custom sept soldiers in arms

For another rule you can pick from, For the Greater Good can be increased to 9″. That can be absolutely horrifying if we see more tenet rules to choose from like 5+ Overwatch/+x” to ranged weapons.

Ghostkeels Now Deny Deepstrike

Tau Wal Hor


tau ghostkeel advanced EM scramblerJust like Primaris Infiltrators, Ghostkeels can not only infiltrate up the board, but they can also deny deepstrikers within 12″ of the model. RIP GSC.

tau stratagem coordinated engagementIf you’ve got XV8 suits, you can pick one enemy and they get treated as being lit up by 5 markers exclusively for the XV8 unit you selects. That can be the downfall for a Knight if you manage to drop in a Fusion squad within 18″ and pop this.

Farsight Enclave Gets Support



tau farsight stratagem danger closeFarsight Enclaves have had a lot of practice making the most of their resources. And with their faction once being cut off from the Tau Empire, they’ve trained even their most basic warriors to make every shot count. For 1 CP, rerolling wound rolls is not too shabby. You’ll just probably want to use this on a full squad of ten dudes.

tau farsight aggressive tacticianFor Farsight Enclaves, you can give a +6″ aura to your Commander when he declares Mont’ka. Remember Mont’ka allows units to Advance and shoot as if they hadn’t moved.  This is pretty awesome, but considering he can only declare it once per game, you’ll have more of a chance to make it count.

tau farsight the mirrorcodexThe Mirrorcodex just gives your relic-bearer all the rerolls. However, considering it’ll probably be going on a Commander and they hit on a 2+ anyway, there’s probably way better relic options out there to choose from (for now)…

Overall, Tau are already looking to be way better off. This is also just the tip of the iceberg as far as rules go.

So what else do you think the Tau will be getting inside the new book? Will they be changing the current meta with these new rules? 

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GW Reveals New Tau Commander Shadowsun 40k Rules

shadowsun tauGW just revealed the new Commander Shadowsun 40k rules that will be coming soon in Psychic Awakening: Greater Good. Don’t miss these! Read More

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