Asmodee FFG is Closing Amid COVID-19 Concerns As Well

start wars legion vaderAsmodee was one of the first companies in the tabletop world to delay any future releases. Check out the latest or the company and what it could mean.

We’ve been seeing a lot on Asmodee lately as their moves have left us scratching our heads. However, they recently made an announcement saying that they would be putting their releases on hold during the virus pandemic.

Asmodee FFG is Closing Amid COVID-19 Concerns As Well

Coming from Asmodee’s website:

Asmodee USA has continued to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic as it develops. We want to wish all of you good health and safety during this time. Our employees’ and their families’ health are a top priority. A majority of our staff has transitioned to work from home when able. At this time, our warehouse remains open to help service any store that is able to continue business. However, we have decided to delay new release items until at least May 1, 2020.

Between events like Adepticon outright canceling and others postponing until next year, this is definitely a worldwide impact we are all feeling.

legion wal 2When we wrote this yesterday, we thought it may not be outside the realm of possibility for companies like Games Workshop to put their releases on hold as well. It turns out they announced a global shut down this morning as well.  But they plan on keeping hobbyists entertained with previews and streams.

Speaking of previews, we’ve still got 2020’s Adepticon batch of previews getting ready to hit the web this weekend.

When to Watch the Reveals LATEST

Here is the latest word from GW on when the previews will hit and where.

whc twitch stream adepticonThis will be coming at you from two fronts – first on Twitch live with guests in our studio, and then soon after in a live blog right here on warhammer-community.com. The live show on Twitch kicks off at 1:45 pm (UK time) on the 28th, so be sure to tune in. The live blog will start rolling at 2:00 pm.

Depending on where you are in the world be sure to read this chart for approximately what time you should tune in. If you don’t have a Twitch account or don’t want to watch the stream, they’ll also be posting a live blog of just the previews shortly after.

Remember that this is also just the first wave of GW previews as well. They’ll be doing the same thing again (with what we assume will be more new content) the weekend after on April 4th as well.

After Asmodee’s announcement, did you think other companies would follow suit? 

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