GW Added a Selling Fast Hot List To Their Webstore

GW-selling-fast-tabThe Warhammer webstore has been updated with a tab of products called selling fast, which could be an indicator of trending metas or dying products…

It looks like GW’s webstore has been updated with a new “Selling Fast” tab. It just popped up recently and is packed with the units that people are buying over their other kits. Here’s the latest.

Warhammer Selling Fast Hot List

gw selling fast 1This is a look at what’s selling the quickest among players after the big 9th Edition FAQ and General’s Handbook changes. At the time of writing this, these items are still in stock, but it looks like Wracks, Space Wolves, and Whirlwinds might be some hot units in 9th Edition.

gw selling fast 3Gotrek and the Gaunt Summoner (rip his summoning) have also popped up on the list. Another interesting unit that made the list is the Blood Angels Primaris LT with the power sword. Even though the upgraded Primaris LT Inside Indomitus is coming with a new pistol, a power sword, and stormshield.

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gw selling fast 2Finally, Intercessors and a variety of Guard kits like the Leman Russ have already sold out and are now Temporarily Out of Stock.

This is going to be a list that you may want to check weekly as the meta in your game evolves. You can use it as a way to keep tabs on what other players are buying the most. Especially in the wake of big game changes like FAQs and new Editions.

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What do you think about the units that made the Selling Fast tab? Will you be grabbing anything on here before they sell out?

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