GW Releases New Age of Sigmar FAQ For July

new faq seraphon lizardmen aos gwAge of Sigmar is getting some new changes with this July FAQ, as multiple factions have been tweaked. Check out these highlights.

Coming from Warhammer Community, an FAQ hit Age of Sigmar trailing just behind the big 40k FAQ that prepared old units for 9th Edition mechanics. Check out some of the highlights we’ve pulled out during this wave of changes. But like any FAQ wave, we recommend you read all the details on your faction’s updates for yourself.

GW Releases New Age of Sigmar FAQ For July

aos faction faqThe FAQ only hit a couple of factions. These are:

  • Cities of Sigmar
  • Disciples of Tzeentch 
  • Kharadron Overlords
  • Ogor Mawtribes
  • Slaves to Darkness
  • Seraphon

Pulling Out the Highlights

bonereapers art

petrifex eliteOssiarch Bonereapers had one of their Legion-wide rules changed. The Petrifex Elites now reroll 1’s for saves instead of getting +1.

Gaunt Summoner


gaunt summonerOn top of that, Gaunt Summoners can now only summon 5 Horrors instead of the normal 10 at the first line of summoning options.

Due to the ‘Split’ abilities of the Horrors of Tzeentch warscroll, a unit of 10 Pink Horrors provided a vastly higher number of models (when split into Blue and Brimstone Horrors) than the other daemon units that appear on the summoning lists. This ultimately skewed the intent of the rules to make Pink Horrors an almost automatic choice. This of course is not what we want our players to feel, so we have accordingly reduced the number of models that can be summoned with these abilities to ensure that one choice does not dominate the rest.

chaos ascendantGW also didn’t fail to pass over Chaos inside Wrath of the Everchosen or Slaves to Darkness with the ability now either. Pink Horrors have been a super popular option and it’s not like GW nerfed them into the ground either. Free models are free models, right?

Be sure to check out all of the changes if your faction made the list from above! There may be a few changes that weren’t on these highlights.

What do you think about GW cutting the number of summoned Horror models in half? For Petrifax, would you rather have the old +1 Save instead of re-rolling 1s?

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