What’s Next From GW 40k Launch Party Preview Saturday

primaris chaplain on bike previewThere’s a GW 40k launch party preview ahead for this weekend but what will be showcased for Warhammer is a bit of a mystery…

Warhammer Community has let hobbyists know we should tune in Saturday for the big 9th Edition/Indomitus launch party preview. We’ve already seen quite a few kits that span beyond Indomitus so exactly what will be talked about has us scratching our head. but here’s what’s on the table.

What’s Next From GW 40k Launch Party Preview Saturday

launch partyIt would only make sense for the units inside Indomitus to get their own individual release kits. We’ve taken the timeline from 8th Edition and Dark Imperium’s models as an example and broke down how long it took for their kits to come from the box to an actual release. Long story short, there are some units in Dark Imperium that we have yet to see get its own kit.

However, some units right after the Box Set released also hit the shelves with different wargear and posing.

bladeguard veteran multipart 1On that note, it’s possible to see the units inside Indomitus expanded on. For example, we’ve already seen early pics of what look to be some multi-part Bladeguard Vets with helmetless options and plasma pistols.

As for the kits we’ve already seen coming beyond Indomitus, we have:

Firestrike Servo-turret whiteFirestrike Servo Turret

Invader ATV whiteInvader ATV

Primaris Techmarine Space MarinePrimaris Techmarine

Primaris chaplain on bike blackPrimaris Chaplain on Bike

hammerfall drop turret 3Hammerfall Drop Turret

Now that may seem like a lot for the Primaris. We technically don’t even have the Indomitus Box Set yet and have laid eyes on five new kits that will be released sometime after the Box drops.

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Don’t Forget About This Mystery Pic

primaris units rumor pic 1This image made waves across the web a while back and had us all guessing if it was legit or fake. After months of hearing nothing remotely close for Primaris stuff in the pic, the rumor went cold. However, now that the Outrider Bikes for Primaris is a thing (you can see Primaris bikes in the top right of the frame), this rumor just gained a lot of potential.

From what we can see, there’s some kind of Priimaris Land Speeder and Primaris Baal Predator mixed in with some other pixelated Primaris stuff we can make out fairly easy. I.e, Redemptor Dread, Intercessors.

We definitely can’t ignore the possibility of seeing even more Primaris goodies (specifically vehicles) previewed in the days ahead!

Indomitus Box Set: PRE ORDER

As of this writing, the price has settled back down on the Indomitus starter set as well, and Amazon currently has a supply marked for release on July 25th with a delivery date of July 30th 2020.

Indomitus box

Indomitus is a phenomenal set. The culmination of some of the best work our miniatures, rules, lore and art teams have ever made, this box takes everything that makes Warhammer 40,000 incredible and puts it in one place. Two huge collections of amazing, brand-new models are packaged with the full Core Book – everything a 40K hobbyist needs to hit the ground running in the new edition. 

We’ve got a pretty good guess on how much value the 9th Edition 40k Idomintus Box Set has inside.

What do you think we will see previewed Saturday? Would you like to see Primaris get a wave of vehicle support? 

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