GW Confirms Space Marines Getting 2 Wounds & More

primaris walGames Workshop just confirmed that all Space Marines (even Chaos) are getting 2 wounds in 9th Edition 40k- check out all the new rules!

Warhammer Community finally spilled the beans and confirmed the datasheets we’ve been seeing make waves across the internet. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, we’ve been seeing changes to units like Necron Wraiths, Triarch Stalkers, Terminators, and a whole list of other regular Space Marine units. Now let’s take a word straight from the horse’s mouth.

GW Confirms Space Marines Getting 2 Wounds & More

primaris space marine walThe upcoming range of codexes will offer so much more than an update of the datasheets and Battle-forged rules – there’ll be loads of brand-new content to look forward to, such as expansive Crusade rules that are unique to that faction. The Warhammer 40,000 rules team have also taken the opportunity to review every single unit and weapon profile for each army, and where they felt it was needed, dialled them up to 11.

GW new codexThe first two codexes, as we know already, are for the Necrons and Space Marines. As you can imagine, they’ll give us a real taste of what’s to come for all future codexes in terms of new content, as well as the sort of datasheet and wargear updates you can expect.

Changing Weapon Stats For Astartes

tactical marine new box artOn top of previewing the updated box art for the Space Marine Tactical Squad they also gave us some hints and teasers for future weapon changes and rules that we haven’t even seen yet…

  • Heavy Bolters: These upscaled bolt weapons are set to become Damage 2, as befits the unmitigated brutality of being hit by a hail of armour-piercing, mass-reactive shells the size of tin cans!
  • FlamersFlamers and heavy flamers are moving to Range 12″, all the better to dissuade enemy assaults and hose your enemies down with liquid fire. 
  • Melta Weapons: with a flat +2 Damage bonus replacing its current ability, resulting in a whopping Damage potential of 8! What’s more, the rules team have put the ‘multi’ into multi-melta, as it’s doubling up to Heavy 2!
  • Power SwordsPower swords are due to get a +1 Strength modifier, all the better for chopping up tougher foes with their energy-wreathed blades.
  • Chainswords: Astartes-grade chainswords wielded by Space Marines both new and old will be hitting at AP -1
  • Plasma Overheats on unmodified 1’s: Supercharged plasma weaponry will soon only ever overheat on an unmodified roll of a 1, so attempting to shoot fleet-winged Aircraft no longer carries a death sentence.

Other Factions Weapon Profiles Changing With Space Marine Codex

codex space marinesYou might be wondering when these changes will take place. Well, it seems like it won’t become official until the Space Marine codex drops in October. But to make things fair across factions that also use the same weapons, GW said that they will be making those changes accordingly.

Now, we know that LOTS of armies use these weapons, whether supplied by the Tech-Adepts of Mars or perhaps even “acquired” through less Imperium-friendly means to turn on their former masters. In any case, when Codex: Space Marines arrives in October, every other unit that utilises the same wargear – regardless of Faction – will get their weapon profiles upgraded accordingly.

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Necron Weapon Updates Previewed



deathmark weapon changesDeathmarks just got a huge buff to their range and Strength of the gun. Now, they can hang back further and really punch through armor on light infantry.


triarch praetorians

praetorian weapon changes

Triarch Praetorians also had their stats buffed up a bit to help them take down all the two-wound models going around. But speaking of two wound models…

GW Confirms Tactical Marines Going to Two Wounds & More

regular marine two wound

That’s right – it won’t just be Primaris Marines on 2 Wounds anymore! All of a sudden, a lot of units that may have felt a bit left behind become very durable and appealing. From Battle Company units such as Assault, Devastator and Tactical Marines, to the elite Terminators of the 1st Company (who will be increased to 3 Wounds accordingly), the first born will be back to prove to their Primaris battle-brothers their great worth.

Is this one last hoorah before they go to Legends? We’re not sure…but it certainly leaves us wondering how a Primaris Marine can be twice the size of a regular one and still share the same amount of wounds.

Changes Are Also Coming To Chaos & Points Are Going Up

rubric marine 2Chaos wasn’t left out in the previews either. They even mentioned that Rubric Marines will be going to two wounds each.

And as for future codexes for other genetically engineered transhumans warriors (both of the shiny grey and spikey variety), the same will apply to them. Just think how durable that will make units like Rubric Marines or Plague Marines.

This extra wound and further wargear updates are going to come with a cost. They already mentioned that Tactical Marines will cost 18pts per model which is a 20% increase just for that extra wound

Of course, all these updates will also come with a suitable points adjustment. The aforementioned Tactical Marine will clock in at 18pts for his extra Wound (20% more than he is today). And it means Space Marine forces will be compact, elite, durable and utterly deadly

WHEW, that was a lot to cover but it’s nice to see an official word from GW hit the internet.


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With all of these changes about to take place in the months ahead, are Primaris Marines about to take the back seat in the meta? Tactical Marines have all the wargear options that Primaris don’t so what’s the draw to taking an Intercessor over a Tactical Marine?

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