More 2 Wound Space Marines & New Bolter 40k Rules!

Space Marine walpaperMore new 40k rules were spotted for Space Marines who seem to be getting more and more two wound units and a week to the bolter for 9th Edition!

As a Spikey Bits exclusive, we’ve got another picture of a datasheet for regular Space Marines in 9th Edition. But before we look at the latest pics, let’s check out the first picture of regular Space Marine datasheets that broke the internet.

Missed all the other new rules for Space Marines? We got you covered with this list:

Earlier Datasheet: Space Marines Get Two Wounds 40k Rule!

vanguard veteran squad datasheet updateSo this is huge. We’ve been seeing these reformatted instruction sheets steadily popping up for Necrons and Space Marines over the past few weeks showing updates to stats and wargear. However, this is the first time we’ve seen anything on the regular Space Marines. Looking at the changes, we’ve got:

  • +1 Wounds
  • Chainsword also -1AP
  • +1 damage on Thunder Hammer
  • Relic Blade changed to 2 damage instead of D3
  • Power Fist also updated to 2 damage instead of D3
  • +1 Strength on Power Sword
  • +1 Strength on Power Axe

The biggest change is the +1 Wound on a regular Marine but those wargear updates are a little bonkers as well…a four damage Thunder Hammer…WHAT? We also thought that the -1AP profile on Chainswords was for Primaris only…since you know, the sword is literally bigger than a human body. Be sure to check out the full break down on this here if you haven’t already.

More 2 Wound Space Marines & New Bolter 40k Rules!

company command updated boxWe’ve seen some Space Marine kits getting reworked cover art. Looking into the Company Command in particular, here are the changes (and lack of changes) to note.

So one of the first things we should address is that it seems like not all regular Marines are getting an extra wound. The Captain, Company Champion, Company Ancient, and Apothecary all have the same basic statline.

However, the Space Marine Veteran and Veteran Sergeant are showing changes that match with the datasheet from earlier.

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The major changes to note out of the Company Command sheet is the wargear, which is:

  • Captain’s Relic Blade Going to +3 Strength and flat 2 damage.
  • Company Champion’s sword is +1 Strength and flat 2 damage.
  • Chainsword has -1 AP.
  • Power Fist now flat 2 damage.
  • NEW Boltguns going up to 30″ range instead of 24″. (that’s a big change considering maps also got smaller) 

So What’s Going On With Regular Marines?


By now, we’ve got two datasheets that show Veteran Marines (Elites) as getting two wounds, and Termies going to three. Now, you can make the argument that one of the bonuses to taking an Elite unit affords an extra wound- even for Primaris. Just look at Intercessors and Bladeguard Veterans. They both use the same armor but Bladeguards are three wounds each and are listed as Elites.

It seems like GW may be handing out an extra wound to regular Marines in the Elites tab as well, as the new Terminator datasheet also confirms. With that said we can’t say for sure if basic Marine units like the Tactical Squad will also be going to two wounds. Only time will tell!


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What do you think about these changes that are taking place? Do you think it’s just Elites that are getting an extra wound? Or could we see two wound Tactical Squad models in the future?

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