Tactical Space Marines Set To Get New Rules Too

fs01-brightultramarine-walpaperNew box art was just spotted for a ton of Space Marines including the old Tactical squad, so if the trend holds, they may be getting new rules too!

We’ve been seeing updated instruction sheets coming inside kits with new box art for 9th Edition showing a redesigned layout for putting models together. Units like Terminators and Necron Wraiths are some that we’ve already seen updated. Check out all the new box art that was just spotted:

Tactical Space Marines Set To Get New Rules Too

gw catalog 1This picture was sent to us by a retailer and what you’re looking at is the July 2020 catalog for GW’s kits. While the Orks, Tyranids, Death Guard, and Astra Militarum all look the same, it seems that Necrons and Space Marine boxes have been updated with new cover art.

gw catalog 4We’ve blown up a few of the kits for you to see what we’re talking about. With a new unit picture, it’s also been reframed in the 9th Edition Warhammer 40k logo and also has the Warhammer hammer in the bottom right.

gw catalog 2For the Space Marine stuff like Tactical Marines and the Predator, we’re a little shocked to see GW put effort into revamping up their boxes. Hobbyists the world over thought for sure they were going to head to Warhammer Legends any second.

gw catalog 3Especially when we saw the Predator given a Stratagem (Kill Shot) and then quickly had it taken away about 6 months later.

Comparing the New to the Old

company command updated box


gw company command oldIf you want a closer look at the changes we’re talking about, we’ve got a pic of the new Company Command box (top) and the current, old one (bottom).

invictor instructions - Copy

Since we’ve seen instruction sheets circulating around the web showing a standardized IKEA-style format that anyone can understand, that could have prompted GW to go ahead and rework the cover art for the kits as well (or vice versa).

What do you think about GW updating these old box covers? Will we see existing kits like the Tyranid and Ork factions follow suit when it’s their time to get codex support?

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