Amazing New Rules Spotted For 9th Edition 40k Terminators!

By Wesley Floyd | August 27th, 2020 | Categories: 9th Edition 40k, News / Rumors, Space Marines, Warhammer 40k

space-marine-terminator-walTerminators look like they’re getting a buff, setting them further apart from Primaris Space Marines- check out their new 9th Edition 40k rules!

Spotted on Reddit from u/MidnightCladNoctis, it looks like the instruction sheet for putting together Terminators has been updated (and for the better). Assuming the points they started out with in 9th Edition 40k stay the same, we could be heading toward a Terminator meta.

Missed all the other new rules for Space Marines? We got you covered with this list:

Amazing New Rules Spotted For 9th Edition 40k Terminators!

terminator datasheet updatesThere are a few key points to make about this pic. For starters, Terminators look to be going up to 3 wounds each. Whew, that’s huge! But it gets better. The Heavy Flamer they can be given was also bumped up to a 12″ range and their Powerfist is now 2-dmg flat.


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It’s also worth noting that it looks like this datasheet has a small error in it not showing any (-AP) value for the Chainfist. We all know it’s AP -4 but still. The power sword for the Terminator was also given a +1 Strength bonus, which is nice.

We’ve been seeing Terminator-heavy lists placing in the top 3 leaderboards of recent 9th Edition tournaments and they’ve been operating on the 2-wound, non updated weapon profiles. If they’re already seeing play now but this update is coming (which makes them straight up better across the board), it’ll be interesting to see how much more popular they get.

What do you think about the tweaks to Terminators? Is this an update worthy of setting them apart from all of the Primaris stuff? Are we about to see a Terminator meta in 9th Edition?

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