New Push-Fit 40k Terrain On The Way!

archaeopter stratoraptor transvector adeptus mechanicus 40k open dayNew push-fit terrain is here for Warhammer 40k, and if you missed the Indomitus release, then it may be even more of a bonus for you!

Right now, this new terrain kit can actually be grabbed in two different ways. You can either get the Command Edition of the new 9th Edition starters or just buy up the terrain and board set separately. However, it looks like there is so much more value by grabbing a Command Edition right now.

New Push-Fit 40k Terrain On The Way!

9th Command EditionCommand Edition Starter Set Details

See the terrain in the kit? That’s what we’re talking about. If you’re wanting to spice up your table with the latest scenery to come from GW, here’s a closer look coming from Warhammer Community.

A Closer Look At the Latest 40k Terrain Kit

battlefield horizonsThe Warhammer 40,000 Command Edition Battlefield Expansion Set includes a fold-out, double-sided gaming board and a selection of 12 pieces of plastic push-fit terrainSimilarly, this set serves perfectly as a supplement to the Command Edition (or another Battlefield Expansion Set) to expand the size of your gaming area and terrain collection to one suitable for Incursion-scale battles. Add another two and you’re all set for a full Strike Force battlefield, complete with terrain!

40k 9th edition terrain 1Looking at the piping, you’ve got a totally modular configuration of:

  • 4x corners of various ruined buildings (two large and two small)
  • 7x fuel pipe sections (which can fit together in any configuration)
  • 1x tall Thermo-exchanger Shrine (designed to straddle the fuel pipes if desired)



40k 9th edition terrain 2Speaking of modular terrain, if this looks a little familiar to you, that’s because it’s supposed to be. GW also made this terrain work with the customizable Sector Imperialis/Mechanicus sets as well.

…as well as a selection of brand-new, push-fit battlefield terrain to fight over. 

Maybe best of all, the terrain is all push-fit so very little fiddling will be needed to get it set up! Looks like you’ll have more time to game with this starter!

For those of you who already have existing collections of Warhammer 40,000 terrain, you’ll be pleased to know that the terrain in the Command Edition set has been designed to work sympathetically alongside the Sector Imperialis and Sector Mechanicus ranges, too.

sector imperialisSector Imperialis Sanctum

40k 9th edition 3Finally, inside the box, you’ll also be getting a two-sided fold-out play board. It seems like most people prefer to play on an actual gaming mat but this will do just fine in a pinch. Certainly better than playing a game on the polished wood of a coffee table, right?

On one side, the board features the irradiated wasteland of a forge world, while the other is a ruined moonscape. Its 30″ x 22.4″ measurements are perfect for hosting Combat Patrol battles (500 points each or 25 Power per side).

At $90 for just the terrain and board separately or $165 for the terrain and all the Command Edition Starter minis, the choice of which to buy is looking pretty easy from over here.

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With a closer look on the new terrain hotness, will you pre grabbing a set through the Command Edition Starter and boos your Indomitus collection as well? Are you going to be using some of those pipes as conversion fodder?

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