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creature caster resin beastCreature Caster is making this dark year better with the Resin Beast Instagram Edition! It’s all about painting minis and winning prizes.

Don’t worry, this competition isn’t only about who’s the best. Not saying you wouldn’t win that… but… It’s just about getting to the desk and painting minis. They will pick winners at random twice a week as well as having categories judged based on the actual paint job! That means two people win every week by simply posting a Creature Caster Mini and hashtagging them. The other winners will be decided once it’s all over for the main prizes. Super easy.

The competition will run from September 6th to October 17th. Plenty of time to get some work in on your minis and get them posted to the Gram to win! But enough of us talking about it, let’s hear what they have to say about it.

Resin Beast Instagram Edition

Queen of Ecstasy Creature Caster

How to Participate:

Use #resinbeast2020 on your new Instagram pictures of a work-in-progress or newly completed Creature Caster model from September 6 to October 17.

Every Friday between September 6 to October 17, we will give out two separate $25 (USD value) reward certificates by random draw. That means two lucky participants each week! Entrants will only be entered once per week regardless of how many posts they make.  

Since they are giving away free stuff, why not go check out what else they have going on?

creature caster matriarch

Model Criteria:

  1. Creature Caster Models ONLY.
  2. Conversions welcome, but the original model must be clearly identifiable.
  3. NO scratch-built models. Exception: base elements or diorama components can be scratch-built, provided the main focus of the entry is a Creature Caster model.
  4. 3rd party bases/elements used for basing are allowed, provided they are not the focus of the entry.

(If in doubt about any conversions or alterations, please message us on Instagram.)

creature caster king of ruin

Other Entry Details:

  1. Clear photography. Preferred: white/black backgrounds or lightly-textured backgrounds. We recommend NOT using competing/busy backgrounds so we can really see the model and your paint job!
    This is not a photo-taking contest, so please limit the use of: effects, colored lights, photoshopping, etc. 
  2. Only one official entrant per entry. If the work was done as a collaboration, only one of the collaborators may enter into the contest and will be given sole consideration when awarding prizes and credit for the entry.
  3. The paint job must be your own work. You may not enter someone else’s creation under your own name.

Entrants may be contacted by Creature Caster if we would like to spotlight your project on our website. Permission will be requested before any such usage of entrants’ images and artwork

Plague Angel Creature CasterCategories and Prizes:

  • 1x Swirling That Paint Like A Fine Wine
    to be judged by seasoned artists in the Community 
  • Prize:
    First Print Unreleased NEW DRAGON Miniature from Creature Caster
    or $180 USD value Reward Certificate
  • 1x Making Simon Nod Approvingly
    to be judged by Creature Caster’s giggliest human, Simon
  • Prize:
    King or Queen Miniature from Creature Caster
    or $120 USD value Reward Certificate
  • 1x Climbing the Spikey Resin Ladder 
    novice painter with less than 2 years experience painting
  • Prize:
    Lord or Lady Miniature from Creature Caster
    or $80 USD value Reward Certificate
  • 2x/week Painting Away the Pandemic – 2 randomly drawn participation rewards (by using #resinbeast2020 in your Instagram post) $25 USD value (each) Reward Certificates

Judging for categories will take place starting October 18.

Category Prize Awards will be presented at the end of October. 

All reward certificate prizes are for the Creature Caster Web Store only.  Cannot be exchanged for cash.

This is just so awesome! Who doesn’t want free stuff for painting the minis they should already be painting. Check out their site for the full details. Now get out there and get painting!

queen of onslaught title image

Resin Beast Instagram Edition

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