New Marvel Crisis Protocol Banned & Restricted List

Marvel-Crisis-Protocol-Banned-&-RestrictedA new Marvel Crisis Protocol Banned & Restricted list is here, plus new printouts for Character Cards you can play with now!

Atomic Mass Games (AMG) has been doing a great job of keeping things interesting and so far we really like the updates for Marvel Crisis Protocol. On their blog, they previewed some of the new character cards (which are printed in the new style) and why they made certain changes for each faction, etc.

Marvel Crisis Protocol core set feature rIf you want to see how the core set is changing and all the updates overall be sure to check them out here.

Switching gears let’s look at the update to the banned and restricted list for the Crisis and Tactics cards in Marvel Crisis Protocol.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Banned & Restricted Update

AMG just hit some major cards with the banned and restricted hammer. They also released new errata to current tactics cards that we will also go over. Jumping into the restricted list we see a hotly debated card finally getting reined in.

… we in the development team took this chance to revisit the Ban and Restricted list. As you all know we do this rarely, with extreme caution, and always in an attempt to make the game more fun and enjoyable for all kinds of players.

Bitter Rivals was a must-take in most eight-card crisis tactic lists. Throwing restricted at the end of that will make this card a lot less likely to be everywhere. Sure it’s not by any means gone, it just may not be as popular of a choice now…Restricted MCP

Banned MCP On the banned side of things, we see our first Crisis Card to hit the banned list. Panic Grips City as Evacuation Efforts Continue! is a unique scenario where you can cash in on the civilians you save to score Victory Points.

This scenario lead to some upsetting games and was taken by players more than the creators like to see. Of course, you are going to play crisis cards that are in your favor but this one sets a unique tone that won’t be missed by most of the community.

All You’ve Got also got the ax this week. Plenty saw this one coming because with the power level of characters increasing, cards like this are not healthy.

Revised Tactic Cards

AMG took a look at some of the existing Tactics cards they thought needed polishing during the banned and restricted update. These cards will also be available in the revised pack that they will release at some point.

Ricochet Blast might see some more play with the cheap cost change. Doomed Prophecy is only taken by Asgard now, with this change we could see more people taking this affiliation with such a powerful tactic card exclusive to them. Pentagram of Farallah got a small NERF with the cost jumping to three instead of two.

Card Updates AMG MCP 2

Advanced R&D got a decent gameplay NERF by making the active character be the one to play it. The “little utility tweak” is going to punish players that don’t focus on their order of activation. This card will still be as popular but maybe not always as strong.

November 2021 Updates are Live

November 2021 Updates

AMG threw us for a loop by saying all updates that they have spoiled up until this point are now legal. This is very exciting for players that have been following the updates closely. This can even be exciting for the players that were waiting for the rules to become legal before they invested the time in learning them.

Welcome once again to Atomic Mass Transmissions! As we are sure you are eagerly aware of, we recently released the digital printable versions of our revised Stat, Tactic, and Infinity Gem cards.

If you want to see more about all the current and upcoming updates check this post out here. You can find all the printable character cards, tactic cards, and Infinity gem/stone updates here on AMG


Keep an eye out for more Marvel Crisis Protocol Changes after the holidays and the latest on all the upcoming new releases and character packs. Now, go download those updates and try out those new rules!

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What which of the new changes for Marvel Crisis Protocol are you most excited about?

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